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Ed wrote:

Hi, guys —

I would like to make charitable donations in two ways:

  1. financial donation via credit card to a local food bank, and
  2. by donating blood via a local blood center.

In my heart, both donations are purely to help those in need as our Lord Jesus encourages us to do however both types involve me submitting my name as part of the act.

  • Even though I am forced to give my name in order to complete these two types of giving, does doing so, in turn, violate the spirit of what the Book of Matthew says in the Bible about giving in secret? (Matthew 6:1-4)

In no way do I want to boast about such giving to anyone and ideally I don't want anyone to know I did it, but the reality is that someone besides the Lord will know that it was me who gave (and in the case of the blood center, they can see me while I am giving blood, and in due time, if I donate through them enough, they will get to know me well so they will know it was I who gave) so it is really not totally secret.

  • How does the Book of Matthew apply in my case as far as receiving a reward from man versus receiving a reward from God?

Thank you and God bless.


  { How does the Book of Matthew apply in my case as far as receiving a reward from man versus God? }

Eric replied:


There is no need to be scrupulous about this.

Jesus is using hyperbole (exaggeration) to achieve an effect. As long as you don't seek to publicize what your doing or do anything to seek the approval of men for your good deeds, you are all set.

There is no reason you shouldn't give your name as part of a donation process however some recipients will publish your name unless you tell them not to; you may wish to look for that option on the donation form.


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