Paul Lucas wrote:

Hi, guys —

My wife and I are just a week from our conversion from the Episcopal Church to the Catholic Church. The Episcopal church uses the Book of Common Prayer.

  • What is the equivalent Catholic book to this?

I want to get her a leather copy as a gift for our First Communion in the Catholic Church.


  { What is the equivalent Catholic book to the Episcopal church's Book of Common Prayer? }

Eric replied:


There is no exact equivalent but the analogous guide is a Sunday Missal, such as this one:

The Missal contains all the prayers commonly used in the Sunday liturgy, plus the readings and propers: parts that vary from feast to feast and week to week.

By the way, there is what is called the Anglican Use liturgy in the Catholic Church, which is designed to accommodate Episcopal converts such as yourselves. It is patterned after the (BCP) Book of Common Prayer with Catholic modifications.

If you appreciated your Episcopal liturgical tradition, you may want to see if there is an Anglican Ordinariate parish in your area that celebrates the Anglican Use liturgy.


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