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Jennifer Angelini wrote:

Hi, guys —

I watched a documentary saying that Jesus was never crucified and that someone was crucified in His place. It also said that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and fled to France together.

  • Is there any truth to this?
  • How do we know this didn't happen?


  { Is this documentary accurate that Jesus was never crucified and that He married Mary Magdalene? }

Eric replied:

Hi, Jennifer —

That's not a documentary; that's a hit piece.

There is no credible evidence that Jesus was married.

  • What evidence did they produce?

The burden is on them to prove it, not on us to disprove this nonsense. Scripture speaks of the Church as the Bride of Christ, not Mary Magdalene (Ephesians 5:21-33, Hosea 2:16-20, Song of Solomon [the whole book]).

  • As for Jesus not being crucified, again, where is their evidence?

We have the testimony from four, indeed more, witnesses that Jesus was crucified; even from pagan historians. No one seriously takes the assertion that Jesus was not crucified except for Muslims.

For more information see:


Jennifer replied:


The documentary said that one of the Grandmasters of the Freemasons was hinting at this. That's where I heard it from. It was a report on the members of the Freemasons.


Eric replied:


  • First of all, hinting at something is not proving anything.
  • Second, the Masons came along over a thousand years after Jesus. They would not have better information than the Apostles or first-century historians would have.

This is nothing but a vicious rumor.


Jennifer replied:

I understand.

They have a way of getting people intrigued because they say they have evidence of something that would completely change Christianity. It just makes me worried.

Thank you for the quick responses!


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