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Henrik Hagnell wrote:

Hi, guys —

In Matthew 22, Jesus says that Heaven is like a wedding feast. (Matthew 22:2)

  • Does this mean that Heaven is just a social gathering and not anything deeper than that?

If one really meditates on it, It's really pejorative. I would rather it be with a few people drinking coffee, talking with each other than in big groups having no deep discussions at all.

  • Is Jesus saying that Heaven will not be that good after all?

We think too positively about Heaven.

  • Don't we want something deeper than just a wedding feast?

Henrik H.

  { Does the wedding feast in Matthew 22 imply Heaven is nothing deeper than a social gathering }

Bob replied:

Dear Henrik,

Thanks for the question.

You need not fear boredom or a let down in Heaven for as it says in 1 Corinthians 2:9 (RSVCE):

9 What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, what God has prepared for those who love Him.

1 Corinthians 2:9

Don't look at the wedding feast as though you are some unimportant tag-on guest who just sits at a table twiddling his fingers — this is your wedding! You are the bride, as am I, and the whole Church, and Christ is the bridegroom.

Our souls are going to experience something imaginable in Union with God, and this feast is only a small fraction of the story that will unfold. Don't become so literal that your imagination fails to see beyond the horizon.


Bob Kirby

Henrik replied:


I was asking this for a reason.

A feast or banquet at which you can eat the food you want, sounds lovely but also difficult as I have issues with social situations. Also, it's my understanding that most of the discussions you have with the people at a banquet are not always about the deeper subjects.

I remember one Priest who told me that he preferred a social situation with few people. He did not really prefer the coffee after Mass (a somewhat noisy situation with many people). I feel the same way. The deeper subjects are easier to talk about away from coffee after Mass or a banquet.

I was born in the 20th century and did not live in the time of Jesus.

  • Am I misunderstanding something?
  • Is this the way they talked about Heaven back then, as a social situation with many people?

The story in Matthew 22:1-14, is not my wedding but the wedding of the king's son.

  • Why do you say this is my wedding?


Eric replied:

Henrik —

Don't take it strictly literally.

The idea being conveyed is that Heaven will be a joyful place where all of our needs will be satisfied. It doesn't mean that we will literally be hanging around like we would be doing at a wedding. It's a metaphor.

Bob said it was your wedding because the wedding feast represents the wedding of Jesus to His Bride, the Church, to whom we belong. It's a mystical wedding.


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