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Anonymous Giovanni wrote:

Hi, guys —

I recently turned 29 and I thank God that He allowed me to reach it. I am also a gay male and have also recently have gone through some recent troubles, namely COVID-19 and a car accident. After these events I have constantly been thinking about mortality and salvation.

  • I have been making steps to truly repent but I am wondering, if I hopefully have repented and God has forgiven me, would I be correct in saying that Baptism is the final act I need to do?

I was baptized as an infant because I was born in the Catholic branch of the faith. Having read the Scriptures, being gay is considered more wicked than any other act so I am wondering:

  • If I were to baptized in the true faith and hope and, hopefully receive the Holy Spirit, will God grant me a new mind and a new heart by destroying my past sexual nature and save me from that from that being and thoughts?

I hope I have truly repented. I don't want to waste the time that God has given me in this world and I don't want to live them in confusion, anger and hopelessness.

  • Am I thinking and doing the right thing?

I have considered the role Paul had in Christ appearing to him and changing him so I am often wondering if that could happen to me.


  { Will God grant me a new mind and heart by destroying my past sexual nature and save me? }

Eric replied:


If you are baptized Catholic as an infant, as you say, and have repented of your sins, the step to take is to go receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which is like a second Baptism.

You cannot receive Baptism itself more than once, but as often as you commit sin, you can receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and be absolved, sure in the knowledge that God has forgiven you, and receiving grace to avoid sinning in the future.

However, this would only be the beginning of your journey of faith, not the end. The life of faith, especially for a gay man such as yourself who wants to walk in the way of life by abstaining from homosexual contact and remaining chaste (among the other demands of the Gospel), is a difficult one. While all things are certainly possible with God, you cannot rely on God "destroying" your sexual nature and "saving" you "from that being and thoughts".

God may have a better plan. Your cross, which is really what this is, will, if you humbly and willingly take it up, be your means of sanctification, the way you are made holy. It is your path to heavenly glory. As they say, no pain, no gain; if it were easy, there would be no growth and no reward.

I encourage you to persevere and not give up, no matter what the world tells you, no matter how much the passions rage and flow. When you reach the end of your rope, hang on and trust always in Jesus, and he will come through. As many times as you fall, get up, and you will be saved. Those who endure the most, are rewarded the most.

I encourage you to join a group called Courage ( This is a support group for those who live with same-sex attraction and want to live out the teachings of Christ and his Church.

We'll be praying for you. Feel free to write back if you need further help and support.



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