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Mister Anonymous wrote:

Hi, guys —

I have three questions:

  1. Why would a loving and merciful God condemn everybody to eternal torture because our great, great, great, (etc.) grandmother and grandfather (Adam and Eve) ate an apple about 5,000 years ago?

    This would include everybody born before Jesus, and everybody (good or bad themselves) who has never even heard of Jesus.

  2. Why are all descendants of Adam and Eve condemned by a loving, merciful, forgiving Father for the sin of two of our ancestors so many years ago?

    The many sins of the Catholic Church (torturing and killing so many during the Inquisition, the Holy Crusades, and at many other times in history), burning old ladies as witches, and so on, get glossed over.

    I thought that was a long time ago, but even in the Church's more recent history we are seeing cover-ups of sexual molestation by their priests of children serving as altar boys (including one of my friends); and most recently: the discovery of 100s of dead indigenous children who were in the care of the Church's school in Kamloops, Canada.

  3. How do any Catholics maintain any reasoning for staying in the Church and if He were here today, what would Jesus say about Catholicism?

Father, please look in your heart, and tell me how I can believe any more.

Mister Anonymous

  { Why would a loving and merciful God condemn everybody due to Adam and Eve's sins? }

Bob replied:

Dear Friend,

Thanks for the questions.

First, God is not holding anyone responsible for Adam and Eve's sin. They alone are responsible for their sin. What they lost, however, was an inheritance, so they didn't have that to hand on.

  • Can you see the difference?

If I lost something, like I were to go bankrupt, my kids lose out. I no longer have the goods to pass on. That is what happened. The gift of sanctifying grace was lost to the first parents, so they didn't have it to hand on to us but as God is not simply a banker or lawyer, but a Father, He found a way to circumvent the gap and restored what was lost through the Death and Resurrection of His Only Son, Jesus. He offers the inheritance to all who accept Him. So if you want to be in God's family, He gives you that for free. He doesn't want anyone to suffer for the sins of their parents, so He supplies what you otherwise couldn't get. (Think this through until it makes sense; it may take a bit.)

As far the historical examples you brought up, that is only a smattering of scandals. There are many others. So long as there have been people on the Earth, there have been corrupt, nasty, evil-doing men who do things that, often, people will blame God for happening.

Keep in mind, you need to know the truth about history and not accept all the conventional narratives about certain events in order to get the whole story. For example, in the Crusades certainly some Catholics did bad things, but that is like saying some G. I.'s in World War II did some bad things to the Japanese or Germans they captured.

  • This kind of specific evil happened on both sides, but what was the war all about and why were they in the war to begin with?
  • Does their bad behavior mean that the war against the Nazi's was simply a vicious or unjust evil retribution against some innocents?

If you would agree with me and say that the bad actions of some does not negate the whole history of World War II, then to be consistent, you need to study and learn the truth about the Crusades and discover how it was a defensive war fought against brutal tyrants who slaughtered Christians by the thousands in the most egregious manner. Consider how Pope Urban, after several hundred years of Islamic expansion and brutality, finally consented to resist the Muslims and defend the pilgrims to the Holy Land. These Muslim tyrants would sometimes take their captive Christian men and cut open their guts, tie their entrails to a post and make them walk around it in circles until they had pulled out all their own intestines. This is only one of the many horrors that were reported. It was tolerated for far too long. The sad thing about war is that it can unleash the most vicious parts of some men, even when they are enlisted in a just cause but, thankfully, that is not true of all men.

The inquisition also has a complex history, but one that is more tied to political dictates of kings than prelates. There is not ample room here to disabuse all the notions that have skewed these histories, but consider the analogy above with World War II before you take broad assumptions.

Lastly, the reported findings in Canada have sparked anti-Catholic rhetoric and conspiracy theories, not to mention misinformation.

The Catholic orphanages in question were set up and commissioned by the Canadian government to handle the problem the Government could not manage. There is now evidence to suggest the mass graves were not the result of a genocide, as some have reported, but rather from a disease and health crisis that spread among the children. As in the cases above, you are likely to find some good and some bad reporting but the institutions were started in an attempt to stave off an even greater problem. Check out this story below:

If there were evil persons doing evil things in the context of this system, they will be punished eternally by God for their crimes. Their crimes are not in accord with:

  • the universal policy of the Church
  • Catholic teaching
  • nor are they associable with Catholics at large, who universally condemn all of the alleged actions of the potentially evil persons involved.

It is like the clergy sexual abuse scandal: most Catholics want these evil wolf-in-sheep's-clothing prelates driven out of the Church and tried for their crimes. There are still prelates trying to cover for these scoundrels and I think that eventually, God will allow circumstances in the world to unfold in such a way that the bad, who do not repent, will be exposed to their eternal shame. Justice always prevails in the end.

The darkness that is covering the Earth right now has many people despairing, confused and not knowing where to turn for truth.

Your concerns are not uncommon, and the answers are not always easy to find. You must trust that God is still God, and there are both good and bad men, and He is calling us to be the men who side with the good. We are scandalized when some of those evil men are in the Church, and especially when they hold positions of power.

  • Why doesn't He intervene and just make the evil stop?

Jesus said let the wheat and the weeds grow together, because if you pull up the weeds you may take some of the wheat with it. (Matthew 13:24-30)

I know this to be true of myself. There was a time in my life that if the Lord came I would be plucked out like a weed, but thank goodness He didn't come, because I am choosing to live as the wheat. When the harvest comes, I hope to be ready.

Keep the faith and be ready. Offer your trials, your doubts, your prayers, your joys, everything, for the good of yourself and your family, friends and loved ones. We live in evil times and if we don't rise to the occasion, we will be like a sleeper while Hitler rolls his tank through our village.


Bob Kirby

Mike replied:

Dear Mister Anonymous,

In addition to what Bob has said, let me answer your second question. Keep in mind, my answers fall into a category of theological opinion, not doctrine.

You said:

  1. How do any Catholics maintain any reasoning for staying in the Church?

We stay in the Church because it is the Only Church Jesus Christ founded for our salvation and the salvation of mankind. That's just History 101!!

We believe Jesus Christ is True God and True Man, who can neither deceive nor be deceived. Over time in Church history, despite scandalous words and deeds by those in the Church among clergy and lay people, we see that Our Blessed Lord is True, (because He is God), to His promise that on issues of faith and morals, the gates of Hell will not prevail against His Church (the Catholic Church) and Her Divine Teachings (Matthew 16:13-19, 1 Timothy 3:15).

All throughout history there have been times where popes were about to publish something heretical to the faithful. The one incident that sticks in my mind was when a heretical version of the Bible was to be published. This pope had plans to make it official the very next day but when the chamberlain arrived that next morning to greet him, it appears he had passed away over night and the heretical versions of the Scriptures were recalled and never published. : )

My colleagues may be aware of other incidences as well.

Sure, Catholics and non-Catholics can, and should complain, about the scandalous behavior among the clergy and the so-called faithful or (CINOs) like Joe Biden. No Catholic Christian should defend sins, even within our own parishes or Church. Certainly, no one replying on this site is going to defend the terrible atrocities of Theodore McCarrick against our youth or similar priests and prelates of the Church.

Nevertheless, the official teachings of the Church never change, not because of the Popes of the Church themselves, but because Our Lord is protecting our popes from teaching anything against the official faith and morals of the Church: Teachings that are both Written and Orally, passed down through history.

  • Has the Church in the past and present had popes who scandalize the Catholic Faith by their words and deeds?

  • Does this mean the Catholic Church is not the True Christian Church/Faith?
    <Not in the least! It just means our members are weakened by the remnants of original sin and not practicing a daily prayer life (and/or) sacramental life of the Church, probably because of poor CCD or RCIA instruction.>

You said:

  1. . . . and if He were here today, what would Jesus say about Catholicism?

My personal view is I don't think He would be saying anything because He would be weeping so much with disappointment over those in the faith who have been given so much, yet have turned their back to His Faith which they were blessed to be born into or to which they have converted to.

Many times, our Protestant brethren put us to shame with the super works of mercy they perform within Christendom.

If someone reading this web posting, falls into that category, there is always hope, but true, not phony, repentance is needed. If you are sincere, make an appointment with your local pastor/priest for a good Confession and how to start fresh in both private and public words and deeds.

Everyone has a vocation, both in the world and within the Church. Talk to your priest about what ministries you can get involved in, to be a light to the waiting world.

Just my two cents,


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