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Guilty George wrote:

Hi, guys —

After reading all the Question-and-Answer forums on mutual masturbation and oral sex with both males and females, as a 15-year-old, I gave it a shot.

I understand the sinfulness of these actions and have felt extremely guilty (both before, during, and after) trying this and would like to know what to do.

  • What state am I in?
  • How can I get rid of this guilt?


  { After trying some same-sex stuff as a teen, what state am I in and how can I get rid of this guilt? }

Bob replied:

Dear George,

Thanks for the question.

  • Are you a Catholic?

If so, you need to go to Confession and be absolved of these sins. All of these sins are grave, and effectively put you in a state of mortal sin, which is deadly to the soul. You don't want to live like that, never mind die like that.

If you are not a Catholic, you need to repent. That means turn away from these sins, and look to Jesus Christ to forgive your sins and make you a new creation. The covenant Christ gave us to renew and cleanse us is Baptism, which initiates life in grace in the family of God. The water signifies washing, but the Holy Spirit does the deep cleansing of the soul.

For Catholics, who have sinned after Baptism, Confession (the Sacrament of Penance) restores the state of grace that was given through Baptism though some of the effects of our sins still trouble us. Penance helps us to fix the things we have broken and moves us back in the right direction.

Sin is a horrible snare to which we are all prone. We each have different attractions that are like kryptonite to Superman, they seem to break our will and our strength down. The good news is that we don't have to be a slave to these vices, and we can break free from the habits and temptations that infect our soul, much like a spiritual disease.

  • You've got to pray (the Rosary is a mighty weapon)
  • Do some fasting, I suggest once a week, and
  • Go to church and learn about the faith
  • but mostly get closer to God who loves you and wants to bring you home to Heaven when your Earthly life is complete.

You want to be able to look back on your life and not blush at every misstep. Christ will empower you to do that, but you need to ask for His Help.

Lastly, acting out on homosexual impulses is a treacherous gamble, because it plays into something very dark inside. Even if someone does not lean toward same sex attraction they can be brought into this culture and end up in that world where only darkness lives.

You need to stay away from all your friends that act out this way and could end up influencing you in the worst way. Make new friends. Save yourself for marriage with a woman or live as a single person chastely, even if the culture tells you it can't be done . . . they are lying.

Good faithful people are doing it everyday, by the grace of God.


Bob Kirby

Eric replied:


If you are Catholic, receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession).

If you are not Catholic, become one!

There will likely be a lot of negative repercussions to what you've done, and the Catholic faith has the tools to help you manage them successfully. You need to be open and transparent about your sexual past with any future woman you intend to marry.


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