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Anonymous Elaine wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • If only pure souls can be in God's presence, how was lucifer able to be with God until he was sent away?

Lucifer was jealous of God's power and of the other angels with more authority. He must have been in God's presence to have become jealous of HIS authority. Jealousy is a sin.

Anonymous Elaine, (age 82)

  { If only pure souls can be with God, how was lucifer able to be with God until he was sent away? }

Eric replied:


The first thing to say is that the account that you are relating concerning lucifer's fall is not found in Scripture but is a matter of speculation and interpretation.

If I am not mistaken, which I could be, it originates from John Milton in Paradise Lost, so it isn't even Catholic. But even if it were true, Adam and Eve were in the same situation and they were in the presence of God in the beginning as well.

In both cases, you had a scenario where a being was created in a probationary state where they were innocent or, if you prefer, pure, but hadn't confirmed their wills for the good. Western Catholic tradition states that the Angels were all given some sort of a test to obey God or to reject God, and did so instantaneously.

So there really wasn't a period where satan was jealous and hung around for a while in Heaven while he was jealous. He became jealous, and immediately fell away, according to this tradition.


Elaine replied:

Thank-you Eric,

I understand better now.

Thank you.


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