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Nicholas Limas wrote:

Hi, guys —

I'm trying to convert to the Roman Catholic Church but I have this question:

  • What is Western Orthodoxy?

I saw there was a video on You Tube and they said there was a Benedictine Monastery on Mount Athos.

They referenced a website that said it would have to have been Orthodox because the Eastern Orthodox would have kicked them off after the Great Schism so I'm a bit confused.

Nicholas Limas

  { I'm considering converting to the Church but have one question: What is Western Orthodoxy? }

Bob replied:

Dear Nicholas,

Thanks for the question, but I am just as confused.

This blog seems to discuss a monastery that is no longer open. The fundamental thing you want is to be in communion with Rome, so irrespective of the traditions that (are/have) been practiced, be they Western or Eastern, you want to be in a rite that is recognized by Rome to be part of the Catholic Church, as opposed to the Orthodox.

Eric is our team member most familiar with the Eastern churches so he should probably help you sort this out.


Bob Kirby

Eric replied:


Western Orthodoxy is an attempt by the Eastern Orthodox Church (which is distinct from the Catholic Church) to develop a Roman Rite in communion with itself but not in communion with Rome.

In other words, it's the Orthodox imitating Catholics (specifically Roman Rite Catholics, the majority that you see in the U.S. and other Western countries). Usually it is comprised of former Episcopal or other Protestant parishes. It's somewhat of an experiment by the Antiochian Orthodox and possibly other Orthodox churches. It is not at all prevalent and may not survive as a going concern.


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