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Theresa Getz wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • What is the Church's teaching on the use of crystals?


  { What is the Church's teaching on the use of crystals? }

and in a similar question:

Anonymous Linda wrote:

Hi guys,

A friend gave me 3 crystal balls. I would like to display them on the mantle in our living room. We are a Catholic family and do not believe that crystal balls or any crystals have any sort of power. Neither does my friend who gave them to me. They are simply pretty objects.

  • Would it be acceptable, in accordance with our faith, to put these items on display?

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

Anonymous Linda

  { Would it be acceptable, in accordance with our faith, to put these crystal balls on display? }

Bob replied:

Hi Theresa,

The Church does not approve or condone the use of crystals in any spiritual context. All practices related to divination of any sort are forbidden, because they either rely on superstition or potential demonic influence.

There are some minerals and rocks that are said to have magnetic properties that are beneficial from a physiological standpoint, but that is viewed strictly in a medical or therapeutic context without reference to anything spiritual.

Crystals, however, have been co-opted by the New Age movement to channel energy from the universe, which is a euphemistic way of describing a pantheistic worldwide view of life, which is contrary to the revealed truth given by Christ.

God is transcendent of the universe, not simply an intrinsic consciousness or energy thereof.

So, decorations, yes. Spiritual device, no.


Bob Kirby

Eric replied:


One thing to consider is that even if you intend to display them merely for their beauty, they do present a potential issue of being misunderstood by visitors and causing scandal, i.e. they might mistakenly think you're endorsing the New Age or sorcery or divination. This doesn't necessarily absolutely preclude displaying them but it's worth thinking about.

If they have been used in any occult ritual, it could bring you severe difficulty, so I'd recommend having them blessed. Preferably exorcised, but it's unlikely you'll find someone to do that.


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