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The Christian Movie Fan, Kate wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Is it a sin to watch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

I have been a Marvel movie fan for a while now, including such movies as Doctor Strange and shows like Wanda vision. These shows contain superheroes with magical powers. I have always known that practicing any sort of real magic in real life is evil and against God's teaching and so I know how to separate watching a fantasy (movie/show) from reality however, I recently went to see the most recent Marvel movie: Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, and I was taken aback by some of the horror and darker elements in the movie. There were instances where an evil book, full of dark spells, was used by the villain throughout the movie.

One spell called "dream walking" was used when a person would take over and almost "possess" the body of an alternate version of themselves in a different universe. In another instance the main protagonist uses the dark magic book to try and defeat the villain and evil spirits are summoned as he does so.

  • I had strong feelings of discomfort seeing this and, while I know it is fiction, I was sitting there wondering if this movie was bad for my soul?

I was glad that the movie clearly depicted the dark magic book as evil and corruptive. It ultimately ends with the dark magic book being destroyed and the protagonist suffering (with some bad consequences) for using the evil spells for a short time.

  • However, does the destruction of the evil spells etc. properly show how evil dark magic is and condemn it?
  • Is watching this movie against our faith even with the messaging?

I somewhat enjoyed the overall story of the movie however I don't want to watch this movie again if it is evil and bad for my soul.


  { Is it a sin to watch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or Wanda vision?; is it against our faith? }

Bob replied:

Dear Kate,
Thanks for the question.

While it may not be a sin to see this movie (like other fantasy films that have magic wielding characters), or even to watch it again, it may be prudent to avoid it, simply from the standpoint that the makers of these movies tend to push the limit further and further toward darkness. 

  • If there is plenty of financial support to do so, why would they stop?

They often have a dark agenda and these days the entertainment industry cannot be trusted, especially when companies like Disney explicitly state their intent to add content to change the our current culture. (You may be aware of these goings on recently in the state of Florida.)
 Other film patrons, who are not so discerning, may be harmed by the temptation to dabble in "black magic" or have some other negative outcome that does not serve God. 

As I get older, I find it more obvious that the content produced by Hollywood, the networks, and cable conglomerates is mostly anti-Christian in its world view, and in some cases diabolical.  Be prepared to shut it all off if necessary.  Better to enter Heaven with one eye than to enter Hell with two, or in this case with one (holy) entertainment outlet than all the diabolical traps that are put out before us. 

So the bottom line, it is not a sin yet, but keep your guard up.
 Bob Kirby

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