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Questions about Confirmation.
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Posting date Questions
August 2022 Do I understand the relationship between Baptism, Confirmation and a "Life In The Spirit Seminar"?
August 2021 Can Fra Angelico, the beatified painter, be my patron saint for my Confirmation?
January 2021 Is there a database that keeps a record of the patron saints we chose when we were confirmed?
April 2020 Why do I need to provide this information and where can I get documentation on my Confirmation?
April 2020 Can I change my legal name to my Confirmation saint's name on both sacramental certificates?
January 2018 Do you have to be confirmed to receive Holy Communion?
January 2018 In writing down my chosen Confirmation saint, did I choose a different one by accident?
April 2017 Is there a problem with my son being confirmed in both the Lutheran (first) and Catholic Church?
January 2017 Is it a sin not to go to Confession before you receive Confirmation?
June 2015 Is it possible for my pastor to perform Confirmation, in private, outside of the Easter season?
August 2014 Can I get re-confirmed if the Archbishop dropped the second part of my first name?
April 2014 Considering my interests, can you suggest a few patron saints I could take for my Confirmation?
January 2014 What does the process of Confirmation involve?
April 2013 Can you tell me what my official Confirmation name is?
August 2012 If marriages can be annulled can Baptisms or Confirmations be annulled?
January 2012 Since Confession is recommended for Confirmation, what can I expect when I go to Confession?
January 2012 Can you choose the name of a saint (that is no longer canonical) as your Confirmation name?
January 2011 Can I receive Communion after Confession if I had no First Communion and am not confirmed yet?
January 2011 Being a divorced mother, can my son be confirmed in both the Catholic and Methodist church?
January 2011 Is it OK to go to Confession just to get confirmed even if I don't agree with confessing to a priest?
August 2010 Can my ex-husband's new girlfriend be a sponsor for my daughter's Confirmation?
August 2010 Does my 17-year-old nephew have to make his Confirmation to be a Godfather for our new baby?
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