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Posting date Questions
August 2015 How can a homosexual who loves God and confesses Jesus as their Savior, be condemned to Hell?
August 2015 Do I attend the gay marriage of my sister and her best friend of 30 years?
June 2015 What does the pope or the Catholic Church think about the legalization of gay marriages?
June 2015 What are we suppose to do if, we don't support these gay unions, but love these children of God?
June 2015 Why is the Church all up in arms against the LGBT?
January 2015 How are we as Christians suppose to feel about gay marriage and is this a balanced Catholic view?
January 2015 Are homosexual thoughts considered sinful by the Church and how far is too far?
August 2014 Do you have any ideas of how same-sex families can become Catholic?
August 2014 Should I attend her ceremony, is this music appropriate for Mass, and what does judge not mean?
August 2014 Is my first husband's proclivity for other men a valid reason to grant an annulment?
August 2014 Because of social anxiety issues, what would I talk to my priest about to receive the sacraments?
April 2014 In order to avoid fights, should a wife obey her husband by attending a same-sex celebration?
April 2014 What should expectations be for parents of a homosexual son when we are paying for school?
April 2014 What does the Church have to say to members who are not against gay marriage?
January 2014 What advice do you have for a homosexual teenage afraid to tell their parents he is homosexual?
January 2014 Is there any hope that I can join the Church if I don't believe everything in the Catechism?
January 2014 What is the Vatican's position on a man marrying a transman?
August 2013 If I have found my faith and repudiated my homosexual lifestyle, how do I tell this to a priest?
August 2013 What is the Catholic Church's belief on whether babies are born with a homosexual tendency?
August 2013 Why do some people act this way and should we shun these people or make peace with them?
August 2013 Can't people of the same sex who love each other be productive, loving members of society?
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