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Posting date Questions
April 2013 If you are a member of [the Masons|Freemasonry] can you still become a Catholic?
April 2013 If the Masons are considered occult why aren't the Knight's of Columbus or St. John also occult?
January 2013 Can you explain these biblical passages a Jehovah Witness gave me?
January 2013 Is this a good translation of this Bible passage and can we trust this translation of the Bible?
January 2013 What is Revelation 1:8 referring to: Jehovah or Jesus?
August 2012 Are any of these crafts valid and is it wrong to find out their motive?
August 2012 Why did Jehovah Witness' change John 1:1?
April 2012 If I wanted to hunt demons, would it be a sin due to the killing or just for messing in the occult?
January 2012 Is the peace symbol or symbol of an upside down broken cross a satanic sign?
August 2011 How do I leave the Church after recently joining and what do Catholics think about cases like this?
August 2011 How can you say such things about Mormons when we have strong ties between our churches?
April 2011 Can you clarify these claims about the Church made by my Protestant friends at my Bible study?
January 2011 Would the Catholic Church allow my daughter to have a non-Catholic last name?
January 2011 Can a Catholic join (the Masons|Freemasonry)?
January 2011 Can you provide some insight on my obsession with going to a psychic because my life is aimless?
January 2011 What can I do if I left to marry in the Mormon Church, but want return to the Catholic Church?
January 2011 Why do Catholic use statues in worship, is Jesus really God, and is the Holy Spirit really a Person?
January 2011 Why did the Church persecute witches but let pharmacies and doctors get away with drug making?
January 2011 Does the Church disallow my father from letting a wiccan enter his home and what do you suggest?
August 2010 Why won't a Jehovah's Witness enter a Catholic Church?
August 2010 How do I reply to Jehovah Witnesses who ask me, why is God's name not in the Catholic Bible?
August 2010 What can I do, other than pray, for my non-practicing Catholic cousin who claims she is psychic?
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