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Paula wrote:

Hi, guys —

My husband is Protestant, and insists on going to Communion when we attend the Catholic Mass.   When he does, he carries the Host in his hand all the way back to the Cry Room. He thinks that because anyone can receive communion at his church, he should be able receive Holy Communion at the Catholic Church.

  • Can you please help me explain to him why he shouldn't be doing this?

Thank you,


  { Can you help explain to my Protestant husband why he cannot receive Communion in our Church? }

Eric replied:

Hi, Paula —

Ask him if, when visiting someone's home as a guest, he would take something meant for family members.

Communion is an extremely sacred meal meant to bind us together as family. It's actually like sex between a husband and wife, that's how intimate and private it is. It is not right for those outside of the family to partake.

And moreover, when you are a guest in someone else's home, you follow their rules.

  • It is not even permitted for Catholics to carry the Eucharist back to their seat, what right has he to do it?

Perhaps you should ask him what he would think if he invited someone into his house, and they willfully violated rules that he requested they follow, claiming that "we do this at home".

If that doesn't work, perhaps you should tell him straight out, that if he has any respect for you, he'll follow your church's rules while visiting your church, and explain how you feel violated when he does this, because that is what it is: a violation of your faith.


Mary Ann replied:

Paula —

You could tell him that you respect the beliefs and practices of his faith, and ask him to please respect those of your faith. Tell him that when he receives Communion, he is saying that he is one in belief and obedience with the Catholic Faith, which would be a lie, since he does not believe the Faith or accept union under the Holy Father and in the Sacraments.

Tell him it's like pre-marital sex.

It says, "I belong to you" when he really doesn't.

Mary Ann

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