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Pamela Theriot wrote:

Hi, guys —

I think I have done something very terrible. To begin, I have been reading books etc. on the miracles of the Eucharist.

At any rate, today after Mass, a very small piece of Eucharist was stuck in my back braces.  Instead of eating it, I took it out and put in the plastic part of my wallet. Hours later I looked at it and showed it to my husband, it had turned into a bloody looking scab. My husband said I may have committed a mortal sin.

  • Is this true?

I put it in my mouth and swallowed it after that. I am very frightened.

  • What should I do?



  { Did I do the correct thing in this situation after receiving the Eucharist? }

Mary Ann replied:


You did the right thing by consuming it. You shouldn't have put it in your wallet. That is sacrilegious, and should be confessed — though I doubt it was a mortal sin, since you appear to have been ignorant of possible sacrilege.

If you were testing God for a miracle, that was not good, either, and should be brought to Confession. If one is reading a number of sensational or miraculous stories, one could get carried away looking for such things. Either one believes or one does not. A sign can help belief, but never cause it. In any case, the particle of Host, if that is what you removed from your mouth, is the Lord God in the flesh.

  • He may have manifested the nature of His flesh and blood to you, or
  • the Host may have become dirty in your wallet, or
  • you may have removed some other sort of particle from your mouth along with the Host.

Bear in mind that we should treat the Host with all respect.

My God bless you and give you grace through His sacraments.

Mary Ann

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