Dana Cecil wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a Catholic and I am having a hard time with statements made by a Baptist, regarding satan as the ruler of this world.

  • Can you help me explain to him that satan is just a creature and, though a person may choose to follow him, he is not the ruler of this world?

This Baptist believes that God gave satan the power to be ruler of this world, Earth. He is arguing that satan is the ruler of this world and that God is only the Ruler of Heaven.

  • Can you help me?

Thank you,

Dana Cecil

  { Did God give satan the power to rule this world or does God rule both this world and Heaven? }

John replied:

Hi, Dana —

You friend is not entirely wrong. Because of man's sin, creation was cursed and satan did get a certain amount of authority.

Both Jesus and St. Paul make reference to this fact.

Now, in and through Jesus Christ, believers have an authority over satan, but until we accept our redemption, we are debtors to sin and satan.


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