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Emmanuel Darko-yobo wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • How can Christian youth guard themselves against this sex crazy world?
  • How can you organize the youth effectively in the Church?


  { How can Christian youth effectively organize and guard themselves against this sex-crazy world? }

Mike replied:

Hi Emmanuel,

You said:

  • How can Christian youth guard themselves against this sex crazy world?
  • How can you organize the youth effectively in the Church?

First we have to remember, due to the effects of original sin, we will always struggle with concupiscence.  The only time we won't struggle, is when we are six feet in the ground : )

That is why regular Confession, without being scrupulous, can be our biggest help.
[Presence in front of or visits to] the Blessed Sacrament are also highly recommended.

An important key is the person's surroundings and what Christian youth watch and don't watch on both T.V. and especially on the internet.

At the advice of a priest-friend, I say three Hail Mary's every day for purity. What matters is that we are striving for the goal.  Sacramentals can be a big help as well.

Pornography is a big demonic problem we have in our culture today. If your current husband has no spiritual life and is addicted to pornography, it's like a man in plain clothes with no weapons being dropped in the middle of a war zone.

In this type of demonic warfare you at least need:
a set of rocket launchers for the week spiritual
equivalency of
Sunday and, if possible, daily Mass on a regular basis in a state of grace

(most damaging weapon)
a Kriss Super V
sub machine gun
(with high stopping power)
Good for CQSC
Close Quarters Spiritual Combat
equivalency of
(praying) the Holy Rosary daily

(second most damaging weapon)
An Interceptor Vest
lined with dragon skin and Abrams Kevlar
equivalency of
a blessed St. Benedict medal and a blessed Brown Scapular around the body and neck
a pack of impact grenades spiritual
equivalency of
blessed pictures and statues of saints around the house with a holy water font at the entrance
a pack of partial and full med-kits spiritual
equivalency of
Saying the Act of Contrition; and receiving the sacrament of Confession on a regular basis

If you are asking, where did I get this idea from:

My nephews got me addicted to their military video games and the analogy was a perfect fit.  I watched a few shows on the Military channel as well.

In a related posting my colleague Eric said:

There is an excellent tape series you may want to listen to called Naked Without Shame ( It is cheap so you have no excuse to not order a copy. ;-) It talks about the Catholic view of marriage and I guarantee it's stuff you never heard before about what Catholicism teaches. It's dynamic, even riveting. There is a shorter, more focused CD set called Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity: Straight Talk with Men about Love and Life by the same author, Christopher West (

Maybe you could start a group within your parish and:

  • develop a plan to get some funds for sacramentals:
    • Blessed Rosaries
    • Blessed Brown Scapulars
    • Holy Water Fonts and bottles of holy water
    • blessed pictures of the:
      • Sacred Heart of Jesus,
      • Immaculate Heart of Mary and
      • Divine Mercy picture

        are tops.

  • and watch some of the CD's my colleague has recommended in the lower Church.

Hope this helps,


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