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Chinkee Herrera wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • What are the names of the Archangels?

I know St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, and St. Michael.

I saw on the Internet:

  • Uriel
  • Barachiel
  • Sealtiel, and Judiel
  • Does the Catholic Church recognize them as well?

God Bless,


  { What are the names of the Archangels and does the Church recognize these other Archangels? }

Mike replied:

Hi, Chinkee —

I found this posting in the Catholic Answers forum titled:

The names of the seven archangels in Catholic Tradition.

There was another web posting in the Catholic Answers Forum under: Seven Archangels that appears to have been removed.

The original question by Michael C. was replied to by Apologia100 and Patrick457. It seems like a pretty solid answer, and I'm sure the people at Catholic Answers monitor their postings.

Seven Archangels

We are surrounded by danger everywhere. Demonic forces continue their battle against the followers of Christ. God allows this, in order for us to be able to exhibit spiritual steadfastness and fealty to the Trinity. But in this daily and hourly struggle we are provided by God with great defenders and helpers — the holy angels, headed by the seven highest archangels:

  • Michael
  • Gabriel
  • Raphael
  • Uriel
  • Selaphiel
  • Jegudiel
  • Barachiel.

The names given here mostly come from the Eastern Orthodox tradition.

Archangel Michael from the time that God expelled Lucifer (Satan) from Heaven, he became the head of the entire heavenly host. For his zeal in working for God, he is honored by the Church even to this day.

Archangel Gabriel has been entrusted with the service of being the messenger to mankind. He came with the Lord's tidings of forthcoming miraculous events to the parents of St. John the Baptist, to the parents of the Holy Virgin Mary, and also to the Mother of God Herself and the righteous Joseph. Archangel Gabriel is the messenger of God's Providence, the attendant of miracles and divine Mysteries. When we are overcome with doubts, when it seems to us that we have been abandoned by everyone and there is no help from anywhere, let us pray to Archangel Gabriel, that by his prayers the Lord would reveal to us His most holy will and would set our life upon the course of salvation.

Archangel Raphael is a merciful healer, sent by God to comfort the sick and the sorrowing. From the Holy Scripture, we know that Archangel Raphael helped expel demons from the woman, Sarah. And how many 15th century people there are nowadays who are possessed by demons. Alas, both they and their relatives often turn for help to sorcerers who nowadays hide behind the pseudo-scientific name of extra senses. But will sorcerers, these servants of the devil, expel demons? Obviously not. The power to expel demons and heal those who are possessed by them belongs to the holy angels and particularly to Archangel Raphael. Let us ask him to intercede for us before the Lord, Giver of all good things.

The name of Archangel Uriel means the light or the fire of God. This archangel enlightens the minds and the hearts of the faithful with the light of divine truths and the fire of divine love. All those who embark upon the study of knowledge can and should pray to this archangel to enlighten their minds and hearts, to avoid a destructive chasm between knowledge and faith.

Archangel Selaphiel is the patron of prayer. He is even depicted so on icons: with eyes gazing downward, with hands crossed on his chest, with an air of humility and deep inner concentration. He is our primary teacher of prayer. Prayer is the most difficult thing to achieve, and one must be instructed in it. Unfortunately, some people assiduously study various worldly subjects but disdain the study of the most important topic in the world — the Jesus prayer. Let us pray to Archangel Salaphiel for the Lord to grant us this gift of divine prayer.

Archangel Jegudiel is the patron, defender, and helper of all those who work. And we all must do such, for we have been commanded to eat our bread in the sweat of our faces. We toil not only physically, to earn our daily bread, but also spiritually, to perfect ourselves.

The Archangel Jegudiel is depicted on icons with a crown of victory in his hands. Such crowns will be earned by those of us who will endure to the very end, who will worthily bear the light yoke of Christ. We are faced with a complex task, so let us ask Archangel Jegudiel for help in our daily lives.

Archangel Barachiel is the angel of God's blessings. While asking God to bless all our good efforts, let us also appeal to Archangel Barachiel for help. However, we must accept the Lord's blessing not only for prosperity but also for our cross, i.e. the sorrows without which there is no salvation. And may Archangel Barachiel give us strength to carry our blessed crosses.

Source: Catholic Answers Forum.


The three main Archangels: St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael are the only three mentioned in Sacred Scripture, although Uriel is in Jewish tradition.

The first four are usually consistently named Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. However, the other three have a greater variation in their names:

  • Selaphiel (also Salathiel, Selaphiel, or Sealtiel), another archangel whose name comes from 2 Esdras.

  • Jegudiel (also Judiel), his name's origin is rather obscure; there is an Archangel named Jeremiel mentioned in 2 Esdras, which may be Judiel but many believe he is Uriel in another name.

  • Barachiel: the name comes from 3 Enoch, where he is one of four ruling Seraphim and has 496,000 myriads of Angels ministering to him. Barachiel is said to be the chief of the Guardian Angels.

The reason why the Church gives more emphasis to the three main Archangels (and why the other four generally do not have feast days) is because at the Council of Rome in 745 A.D., Pope St. Zachary, intending to clarify the Church's teaching on the subject of angels and curb a tendency by some toward angel worship, condemned obsession with angelic intervention and angelolatry. Nevertheless, he reaffirmed the approval of the practice of the reverence of angels.

This synod struck many angel's names from the list of those eligible for veneration in the Church of Rome.

Only the reverence of the archangels mentioned in the recognized Catholic canon of Scriptures, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, remained licit (though apparently Uriel and the others somehow 'crept back' into popular devotion in many places, even though Uriel's name was among those that were struck out). This restriction did not seem to affect the Eastern Church, who continued to officially honor the other four in addition to Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.

Source: Catholic Answers Forum.

Hope this helps,


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