Flip Dawson wrote:

Dear Mike,

I would like to make a donation to your fine work on behalf of the Catholic Church.

  • Let me know how?

Flip Dawson

  { Where do I go to financially donate to the work you and your team does on behalf of the Church? }

Mike replied:

Hi, Flip —

That's very kind of you. We are a 100% Lay-driven volunteer apostolate of the Church under Canon 215 and Cannon 225 § 1 and § 2. Again, all our work (answering questions and clearing up misperceptions about the faith) is a volunteer effort, although I do send out occasional gift certificates to the team for their great work.

You can donate one of two ways. by going here:


You will be able to donate:

  1. via Pay Pal, or
  2. postal address

Send whatever the Holy Spirit guides you to. I always welcome the widow's mite.

Over ten years ago, I received a $1.00 bill from a little old lady. On the outside she wrote in pencil:

My very humble donation.

To this day, I still have that $1.00 bill in front of the computer where I do my apologetics work.

Thanks for your support Flip!

It is appreciated.


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