Wanda Wannabe wrote:

Hi, guys —

My name is Wanda and I am 14 years old. I want to be Catholic really bad but my parents are Atheists and won't allow it. If they caught me on this web site, or any other Catholic web site, they would be really mad at me. I have listened to my friends talk about being Catholic and have asked questions about their faith. My friends all say I should:

  • start going to Church
  • get baptized
  • go to Confession, and
  • stuff like that.

I would love to, because I have been studying with them whenever we have hung out at the park. Everything we have been studying, I truly believe in! I pray before meals, before bed, and all the time. I pray when I sin and, when my friends and I meet up at the park, we pray before and after we study.

I pray that someday my parents will allow me to go to church and won't get upset when I pray in front of them. I went home one day and asked my parents if I could go to church, study, and go to Confession, and they said, they didn't care much about me studying as a Catholic, but would not take me to church or get me baptized. I also asked them about taking me to Confession but they say it's just a waste of time and wouldn't take me.

I don't agree with them and I'm afraid that if I don't go to Confession and ask for forgiveness,
I won't ever be forgiven and will go to Hell.

  • Do you have any advice?


  { What do I do if I'm 14, want to become Catholic, but my parents are Atheists and won't allow it? }

Mary Ann replied:

Dear Wanda —

God forgives you when you are sorry; for any sin, even the worst sin. Only Catholics are bound to confess their sins, and even then, it is only the serious ones that we must confess, so don't worry.

Until you are free to become Catholic, you don't need to worry about Confession.

Keep praying and loving God, and don't worry.

God will make a path for you.

Mary Ann

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