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Gail Robben wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Is there training for the new Mass responses coming this Advent season?
  • As a parish, should we be learning them before Advent arrives?
  • If so, what would you recommend? e.g. a book or website?

Thank you,

Gail Robben

  { Is there training for the new Mass replies coming this Advent and, if so, what do you recommend? }

Mike replied:

Hi, Gail —

The (USCCB) United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have the following web page that should help along with a list of publishers authorized to release editions of the Roman Missal..

It's my understanding that the pastors at all the various parishes have been putting together training material for the faithful, besides learning the new translations themselves.

If I were to personally comment on this issue, I would say this translation is very good for the Church because it is a better translation of the English from the original Latin translation that is used in (Latin/Tridentine) or Masses of the Extraordinary Form.

Here's a brief synopsis of the history of the Roman Missal. I used a portion of a video Andrew, my colleague, suggested below.

The original Roman Missal was published in 1570 and has changed little since, except of a few changes by Pius XII in the 1950s. The fathers of Vatican II called for a revision of the Latin in 1963; this was called the Revised First Edition of the Roman Missal.

  • In 1974, the Revised First Edition of the Roman Missal was translated into English.
  • After a second revision of the Latin text in 1975, a second revision of the Roman Missal was translated in English and published in 1985.
  • In 2002, Pope John Paul introduced the third revision of the Latin text and in 2010
    Pope Benedict XVI approved of this translation into the English.

Improving on the quality of the liturgy has been one of Pope Benedict's high priorities.

For the parishioners and faithful, it may take a little getting use to, but as Scott Hahn has said in the past:

Repetition is the mother of learning.

Hope this helps,


Andrew replied:

Hi, Gail —

The people at the "Life Teen" youth ministry have done some good videos to explain the Roman Missal changes. Here's one for parents (10 minutes):

They also have other videos for teens and pre-teens, in which similar info is presented by a young-adult or teen speaker.

— Andrew

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