Manuel wrote:

Hi, guys —

I have been interested in joining the Church and starting RCIA classes, but have a few questions.

  • Could I take my classes at a Catholic parish other than my local parish?
  • Also, Is it necessary to attend Sunday Mass at the parish closest to where I live?


  { Do I have to take RCIA at my local parish and do I have to attend Sunday Mass at my local parish? }

Mike and Eric gave the following team reply:

Hi, Manuel —

Thanks for the question.

You don't have to take RCIA classes at your local parish. If the parish closest to you is not as active and involved as it could be, it may be better for you to take RCIA classes at another parish where you can learn more and understand the faith better.

Ultimately, you want to settle down with a parish:

  • where you can live out your Catholic faith
  • find an array of ministries, where you can discern where the Lord is calling you to serve, and
  • where you can grow spiritually stronger in the faith.

This may involve a little sacrifice as far as time [and/or] travel is concerned either [daily or weekly].

Canon law says you can attend Mass and receive Communion, fulfilling your obligation(s),
in a church of "any Catholic rite", including non-Roman rites (Eastern rites).

Hope this helps,

Mike and Eric

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