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Matthew wrote:

Hi, guys —

I had a dream last night where I was in a church. There was one elderly man in a white robe sitting in a wheel chair and another younger man in his 30's wearing a dark brown robe.

I'm not sure what I said but the elderly man crawled out of his chair to the floor and began praying and blessing the area. I followed the other man and a hooded individual around the church where they began blessing different areas of the church. I asked how long it would last and he said about 12 hours. I looked outside but when I turned around, the feeling had changed and the cloaked man was facing a corner while the other man was moving quickly away from me. This is when I woke up.

I've never been to church and I'm wondering what church wears such clothing.

Help me narrow my search.


  { What church has members that wear such clothing? }

Mike replied:

Dear Matthew,

None of us are priests or counselors but I'm willing to give you my personal opinion.

Being a cradle Catholic, I can only speak for what I have experienced in the Catholic Church.
Both white and dark brown robes have been associated with Catholic religious monks; some also wear hoods. The fact you said: "they began blessing different areas of the church", tells me they were probably religious order priests.

White is a symbol of purity while dark brown has usually been associated with the Brown Scapular habit. You can Google "Brown Scapular" for more.

Maybe this was a signal grace (a special sign) given to you to consider looking into Church issues again. You have to discern that yourself but there is nothing wrong with touching base with a priest and talking to him about the issues and your dream.

That's for you to discern and decide.

I hope this helps,


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