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Linda Poffenroth wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Can you tell something about "The Emotion Code"?

A book written by a Dr. Bradley Nelson. He is a Mormon. My sister left the Catholic faith many years ago and joined the Mormon faith. Now she is all into the emotion and body code — she tells me it is energy healing. I feel she is getting deeply involved with New Age thought.

I have been listening to Catholic Answers with Sharon Lee Giganti, a truly wonderful radio show. She talks about the New Age, but has not yet mentioned the Emotion code.

I would very much appreciate your opinion on this very serious subject as I'm quite concerned for my sister.



  { Can you tell something about "The Emotion Code"? }

Mike replied:

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the question.

I don't know if I can help you that much seeing I have never heard of either:

  • the emotion code, or
  • Dr. Bradley Nelson

I agree with your concerns for your sister getting more involved into the New Age stuff. E-mail me if Sharon Lee addresses this on her show and I will add it to our answer. I tried to find something on the web that would provide more information for you and found this web site. I can't vouch for the web site, but it looks good:

Maybe my other colleagues have heard of either the emotion code or Dr. Bradley Nelson.
Situations where family members have left the Church can be very difficult to deal with.
I would pray every day for her and offer up as many Masses as possible for her.

I hope you still have a talking relationship with her. If so, just be yourself: a good, loving sister.

Share with her the history of the Catholic Church and what the very first Christians thought, taught, and died for:

Beyond that, you have to respect her free will. While Mormon theology is crazy and non-Trinitarian, it amazes me what Mormons do with the actual grace they receive. Based on what
I have heard, they have strong moral and family values — similar to our Catholic values.

As a side note: actual grace refers to God's interventions, whether it's at the beginning of a conversion or in the course of the work of sanctification.

Their family-friendly role models are something practicing Catholics should adapt.

I hope this helps,


Richard replied:

Hi, Linda —

Sorry, no information here: I never heard of this.

It doesn't sound like Mormon teaching either.

— RC

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