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Paul wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • If a person eats red meat on a Friday during Lent and dies without ever confessing that sin to a priest, would that person be in grave danger of being eternally tormented in Hell?


  { What happens someone eats red meat on a Friday during Lent and dies without Confession? }

Bob replied:


The way you have asked the question leads me to believe that you have a problem with the rule.

First, let me say God is not vindictive and seeking to catch people breaking rules so, in all likelihood, this wouldn't be a grave concern to God and certainly doesn't denote a person that is unfit for an Eternal Relationship with Him.

That being said, He would be much more concerned with someone who lacks humility to recognize and obey all the legitimate authorities He had placed in their life, i.e. parents, church, government, etc.

All these authorities, in some form or another, are representing God's own authority — for no power comes to these authorities except through Him.

So, the Church has legitimate authority and its rules, while not unbreakable in certain circumstances, ought to be respected; for in some way that is God's Wish.

We all must form our consciences and do our best to follow them but don't disregard a principle of leadership that was God-ordained.


Bob Kirby

Paul replied:

Dear Bob,

Thank you for your response. It makes sense and is very helpful.

Frankly, at times in my life, the rules of the Church have caused me extreme anxiety that I may suffer eternal excruciating pain after death for failing to follow the rules to God’s satisfaction.

Thanks again!


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