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Akhil Jijo wrote:

Hi, guys —

I have a question. It is my understanding that at Jesus' Second Coming, Purgatory will cease to exist.

  • If that is the case, at that time, how will venial or mortal sins be purged?

Thank You,


  { If I still have venial or mortal sins at the Second Coming, how will these sins be purged? }

Paul replied:

Dear Akhil,

The guilt of sin is not purged, but rather forgiven. Only the lingering effects of sin on our being need to be purged.

There is no Church teaching (that I know of) that answers your question directly but I would imagine that during the time period of the Second Coming there may be enough suffering and sacrifice to go around for purging and atonement to occur in the lives of those still on Earth however if it happens in the lives of individuals still living, God will ensure that proper purging take place for the saved. Nothing imperfect can enter the fullness of the presence of God (in Heaven). (Revelation 21:27)



Mike replied:

Dear Akhil,

Just to add to Paul's reply, Radio Replies states:

From Radio Replies:

What of the souls already in Hell, Heaven, or Purgatory?


When their bodies rise from the grave, each soul will be re-united with its own proper body, the body sharing the fate merited for it by the soul. On that last day which will be the day of Judgment for all mankind, Purgatory will cease to exist. Our Lord tells us that there will be but two sentences. Matthew 25:34-41. The souls which have not finished their purification will be purified completely on that day itself, intensity supplying for any lack of duration. God will find no difficulty in arranging that.


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