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James wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Is an addiction to a mortal sin, a mortal or venial sin?

I am having the urge to give into temptations.

What if my body is addicted to mortal sins which it needs so bad that I can't take it anymore.


  { Is an addiction to a mortal sin, a mortal or venial sin? }

Paul replied:

Dear James,

First, we must do everything reasonable to alter our lifestyle in order to avoid the near occasion of sin. In other words, an alcoholic should rearrange his walk path to, for example, not walk by a bar, etc. If we don't know what we can do to alter our own situation to better deal with our particular addiction, we should ask God for light.

Regarding the severity of the sin, grave matter must always be avoided. If the person is involuntarily ignorant that the act is wrong, or has less than full consent of the will in committing the act, he or she may not be fully guilty of mortal sin.

  1. Grave matter
  2. full knowledge, and
  3. full consent

are the three necessities for being culpable of mortal sin. Nevertheless, it is always good to take these failings to the sacrament of Confession since it is difficult to judge ourselves in how guilty we actually are for succumbing.

Love of God and perseverance are the keys.

  • Continuously get to the sacrament of Confession if, and whenever, you fall
  • Attend Mass every Sunday and Holy day, and
  • continue to ask God to lead you out of your degrading and dehumanizing addiction.

He loves you. If you love Him and seek His grace He will help you overcome any addiction.



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