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Chris Thomas wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a Protestant and in my church people are not baptized until the age of puberty. I was baptized at 13 years of age and from what I have learned, it was a valid baptism, however, I was adopted when I was a few months old and never found out who my birth parents were. (My adoptive parent wouldn't tell me.)

Certain facts make me think that before adoption I was baptized as a Catholic. I cannot check this out as I do not know any names or places.

After further study, it came to my attention that such a Baptism, if it took place, automatically made me a Catholic.

I say this with respect, but this has caused me deep distress for a long time and, if at all possible, I want to remove my membership from your Church.

I have no animosity toward your Church, on the contrary, I have had many good things come my way from Catholic people.


  { We don't baptize until age 13 but because I was baptized a Catholic, can I remove my membership? }

Eric replied:


  • Can I ask what you want to gain by severing your supposed membership in the Catholic Church?
  • In other words, how do you feel this supposed membership is harming or affecting you such that severing your membership would resolve it?
  • How would life be different for you:
    • if were able to do this?
    • If you weren't able to?
  • Do you think God would treat you differently if Protestantism is right, Catholicism is wrong, and you were baptized Catholic?
  • Do you think you're subject to demonic influence as a result?
    (I am being serious — you never know.)

Talking it out with someone is your best bet. It doesn't have to be with us.


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