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Ann wrote:

Hi, guys —

I'm a new Catholic. I went through my local RCIA program in San Jose, California; was baptized, received my First Communion and Confirmation in 2016. I make my best effort to attend Mass weekly (even though I work every Sunday). This was a personal decision, a calling I felt, to belong to the Catholic Church.

I am 29 years old. Living in San Jose is an incredibly expensive ordeal. I currently live with family: my mother (who is a devout Catholic). I am looking to move out and become more independent. I cannot afford to live on my own, however a close acquaintance I have had for 5 years has a room for rent in her house. It is an amazingly safe neighborhood, but I am worried about what takes place in the house.

I stated to the acquaintance with enthusiasm, I already located grocery stores and a Catholic church I would frequent in your area!

to which she stated,

Ugh. Catholic. Honey, I am going to get you out of that. Catholics are too judgmental.

to which I rebutted with,

I did not become a Catholic because of the stereotypes, I did it for myself.

She replied with,

Well . . . believe what you want.

This woman is 54 years old. Her house is filled with sculptures and pictures of the Buddha (which does not worry me), but what worries me is when her daughter (my age) came over to pick up her son (he was napping in the room I would be looking to rent) mentioned:

Hey, remember when you had that reading here. There must have been 30 people that attended.

I further discovered there was a medium reading done in her living room. I do not know if this is a frequent activity she holds in her house but I do know she believes in:

  • calling on her angels for guidance and protection
  • mediums, and
  • occasionally pays money over the phone and in person for readings from mediums to speak to her dead relatives.

I know the Church's position on mediums. I do not believe in invoking the dead because I also believe that often you're not calling on the dead but evil spirits.

I fear my acquaintance is calling on evil spirits into her home and into her soul and body.

Again, San Jose in an incredibly expensive area to find safe and affordable living.

My acquaintance's place is a decent financial deal (though it will be a bit of a drive to get to work) but is in a great neighborhood and I have already found a great local church. Nevertheless, I fear my soul may be in danger in the house.

In any room I rent (even in college), I have a crucifix above my door and tack up various saints on my cork boards. I also keep holy water on hand. I also pray nightly.

A couple of my best friends (one a practicing Jew and one an Atheist) have both told me separability that if my faith is strong enough, I have nothing to fear.

  • Is this correct?

I would ask a local priest after Mass, but noticed they were swamped with many people approaching them!


  { Is my faith strong enough to live in this type of environment with these type of people? }

Bob replied:


No way!! Get out of there!

I would not want to live in that environment; it is likely that demonic activity is centered on that house.

  • You may not sense it now, but why expose yourself to that?

It just isn't worth it, no matter how affordable it is.

  • What is your soul worth?

It doesn't matter how strong your faith is — the devil will try to undermine you and exploit whatever weakness he can find. He is more shrewd than us, so you are better off avoiding that kind of direct confrontation.

  • Pray your rosary, everyday, for that is your surest protection,
  • keep sacred objects with you always, and
  • don't take any of this for granted.

It is a serious matter. I know of personal accounts from more than one friend who has dealt with this and it can become a war — and not everyone in this house is on your side — they are actually on the opposing side.

Also, don't think that you can convert them from the inside; that would be a miscalculation.

Move on.


Bob Kirby

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