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James Smith wrote:

Hi, guys —

I received a miracle in May but I don't understand it. After thirty years of not believing in Jesus or the Church I had an awakening this year, then in May, I received some kind of miracle.

For over thirty years I have suffered from a kind of epilepsy called Hypnic Jerking. The upper body jerks every time I try to rest or sleep. I have seen every kind of specialist and tried every kind of treatment but nothing ever worked.

For ten years I drank every evening to help make it easier to sleep . . . that was a disaster. It's as if something was attacking me physically, lifting me, pushing me, and shaking me violently.

In May I found an online Catholic prayer to remove spells, curses, evil eye, etc. Not being religious, I decided there is no medical cure so I read it out loud and forgot about it. That afternoon I had a nap after lunch and for the first time in 29 years, I didn't jump — no jerking or pain at all.

I thought it was just some kind of weird luck and when I got up, I could feel some kind of energy in my chest and upper body like a tingling. That feeling stayed with me and when I went to bed that night, again there were no attacks, jerking, or pain. The feeling of energy stayed with me for three days and three nights they slowly faded away.

Sadly, after a few days, the jerking and pain returned. My question is:

  • Was this a miracle after praying to Jesus and the Holy Spirit?

If I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the Kingdom of God has arrived for you. (Matthew 12:28)

Since May I have seen that through prayer I can control this kind of epilepsy but it's not permanent healing and there is no more feeling of energy at work. Because of this I have had a huge awakening and would say I'm born again in Jesus.

  • Why would this happen for three days and three nights and then stop?
  • Did I sin again?
  • Do you have any thoughts?
  • Was this the Holy Spirit coming into me?
  • Is forgiveness involved in the answer?

For three days it was miraculous but I still struggle with having a complete faith.


James Smith

  { Was this a miracle after praying to Jesus and the Holy Spirit and why would this healing stop? }

Eric replied:


I'd definitely say this was the Holy Spirit at work in you. Even if it wasn't permanent, it could have been a grace or consolation prompting you to turn your life toward God. I've had similar experiences so I don't doubt you.

Sometimes God performs temporary healings in our lives; not all divine healings are permanent. You didn't specifically say whether you prayed the prayer again, but perhaps it just requires perseverance. The most important thing is that this has elicited your conversion. The sacraments of the Catholic Church are your best bet going forward.

  • Have you been baptized?

That is essential in dispelling the power of the evil one. In fact, there is a minor exorcism involved in the Baptism ceremony. Essential also is the Eucharist, another sacrament available to Catholics. Until you are admitted to (or return to) the sacraments, you can also employ Holy Water. If you are Catholic, I urge you to return to the faith and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which can also be healing.

The three days you were healed symbolizes the three days of Jesus in the tomb before he rose from the dead. He has raised you from spiritual death and I urge you to receive it and cooperate by seeking the sacraments and studying the Word of God. There is a program you can join at your local Catholic parish called RCIA to study the faith and, if you are ready, become a Catholic or, if you already are a Catholic, return to full unity with the Church.

Don't be discouraged; God has his hand on you. If you never see healing again, you can still unite your sufferings with the sufferings of Christ (Colossians 1:24) for your own sake and for the sake of others. Paraphrasing Jesus, it's better to enter the kingdom of God with epilepsy than Hell with a whole body!

There is a purpose in all of this. You are on the right track.

I will pray for you!


Mike replied:

Hi James,

Eric gave you a great answer.

I just wanted to share with you another person on our staff (John) who received a miraculous healing.

There is a link to his public testimony in this web posting:

Follow Eric's advice and if there are any questions your local RCIA doesn't answer, visit our website, and ask us.


John replied:

Hi James,

Good to hear from you. My healing was more of a deliverance as much a healing. I was immediately delivered from ten years of cocaine addiction almost 30 years ago. Interestingly enough, it was also after long period of (perhaps up to 20 years of) really not believing in God. The addiction left me! Over the next year, I would be at the wrong place and there would be cocaine passed around . . . or available . . . so as a reflex action, I would do a line. I'd get high, but never felt the cravings as, or after, the high was over or as I was coming down.

The Holy Spirit, told me — well this proves you're no longer an addict but you need to stay out these situations, lest you fall back into the addiction.

You received a temporary healing, but now it's up to you to continue to deepen your faith. Christianity and therefore Catholicism is more than religion. Religion are the external rituals, based on beliefs by which we worship together. But in reality, Christianity is a Relationship. We are Sons of God, Brothers of Christ, and as a Church, we are the Bride of Christ. Notice that these all describe Relationships.

I just spent a half hour talking to a friend about Jesus. She has been away from any faith for years. She says she would feel like a hypocrite, were she to embrace God now. She said that she is not worthy. Well, the fact is none us are worthy, but Christ makes us worthy, by Grace, by giving us Himself, in the Sacraments and also through a living, daily, active Relationship. So she said, you talk like He's a person. I said, He is! . . . among other things, He's my friend and I'm not talking about religion or dogma to you now, (not that those aren't important), but I have a friend and I love Him. I'm trying to introduce you to Him. Because without knowing Him, dogma and rituals mean nothing. The purpose of dogma and rituals is to serve the Relationship.

This Relationship with Jesus, naturally leads to a Relationship to His Church, which is His Body and that means the institution and the rest of the members of His Body. That said, I would encourage you to pray. By that I mean, talk to Him. He's a Person. Yes, you can say prayers. Use rote formulas too but make sure you are praying those prayers.

  • Think about what you are saying.
  • Expressing yourself to Him.
  • Tell Him what you're feeling.
  • Share your dreams, hopes, and aspirations.
  • And if you feel guilty for sins, then confess them to Him.

Of course you want to get to the Sacrament of Reconciliation but in the mean time confess your sins to Him. Ask Him to take control and show you what needs to change and don't condemn yourself. He will forgive any sin.

Here is a truth most people never quite get. We can accept that Jesus loves us but we never quite get that He likes us! That He has nothing better to do with His time and has no greater desire than to spend time with us. He always enjoys our company. He wants to reside in us through the Holy Spirit.

Continue to pray for healing, but also continue any medical treatment as well.

The Holy Spirit is the Gentleman, He won't force us to do anything but He will guide us and give us the ability to be all that God created us to be.

God Bless and stay in touch,



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