Debbie Tipton wrote:

Hi, guys —

I often get reminders to take an item with me when I leave my house and I also get help with things like finding a parking spot.

  • Do you know if this help is from the Holy Spirit or my Guardian Angel?
  • Also, do you know if, in Heaven, Mary sits:
    • at Jesus's Right Hand or
    • God the Father's Left Hand?


  { Is this help from the Holy Spirit or my Guardian Angel and where does Mary sit? }

Eric replied:

Hi, Deb —

On your first question: It could be either one, although I would put my bets on your Guardian Angel.

On your second question: Right Hand is more metaphorical. While I am unaware of any specific church teaching, Psalm 45:9 suggests she sits at Jesus's right hand.

Left hand suggests disapproval or condemnation so I would not use that language with Mary.


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