Elizabeth Mason wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Is the book, Get Us Out Of Here, written by Nicky Eltz (about the Poor Souls in Purgatory) approved for Catholics to read?

In it Maria Simma speaks with Nicky Eltz.

Thank you!!


  { Is the book, 'Get Us Out Of Here', written by Nicky Eltz approved for Catholics to read? }

Eric replied:

Hi, Elizabeth —

Doing some Googling, I see some definite red flags about this book, for example:

Supposedly the visionary described by the book can tell you the destiny of your dead loved ones — this is a red flag. From what I understand, this woman's visions were never approved, as they should be by the local bishop.

In general, it is wise to be careful about claims from so-called visionaries and mystics.

As it turns out, we already answered this question. See:

Hope this helps,


Elizabeth replied:

Thank-you for getting back to me so quickly!!

God bless you all!!

You are doing great work!!


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