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Kinslee Dean wrote:

Hi, guys —

I was watching the movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame when I realized that the statues in one scene were using their left hand to make a benediction sign, instead of their right.

  • I'm not a Catholic but is this considered wrong?
  • Is it something I should be worried about?

Thank you.


  { Is the practice of blessing with the left hand, instead of the right, something I should worry about? }

Bob replied:


I don't know if it appears that way in the book or not, I don't recall, but if the producers did it intentionally they may have had a symbolic intent.

In any case, there is no intrinsic evil to the gesture, albeit the traditional form is with the right hand. I have blessed myself with my left hand when my right hand was occupied (holding or carrying something), and it is perfectly fine.

  • If your right arm was amputated what would you do? <You would use the left.>

So, the movie may have some veiled symbolism, since the left is sometimes associated with something sinister, as noted in the root of the word for left in Italian, sinistro.

  • Were they intended as a demonic force?

Maybe, but we can only speculate. It's only a movie. I personally wouldn't give it much concern.


Bob Kirby

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