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Mario Luis wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Is it bad to wear a Saint Benedict's medal around you since instead of pushing bad things away, you are attracting more bad things towards you?

Thank you,


  { Is it bad to wear a Saint Benedict's medal around you since you are attracting bad things to you? }

Mike replied:

Dear Mario,

You said:

  • Is it bad to wear a Saint Benedict's medal around you since, instead of pushing bad things away, you are attracting more bad things towards you?

In this world, and especially this culture, you want to push bad things, like satan and the demonic, away from you; you don't want to attract them to you, otherwise, the demonic will possess you.

Carrying a Saint Benedict medal around you is a very good, not bad, thing to do if you have the proper understanding of the purpose and use of saintly devotionals, like blessed medals.

They remind us of saintly lives like St. Benedict (who founded Western Monasticism) and of the pious, Christian lives he and his monks lived, including their providential work of preserving the Bible from generation to generation. Blessed medals remind us to strive to follow Jesus in the same (or similar) way as Benedict and other saints did.

I've been wearing a St. Benedict medal around me for years; it is part of the Five fold Scapular I've been wearing.

Although lay Christians cannot perform exorcisms themselves, they can wear a St. Benedict medal which has an exorcism prayer on the back of it, in Latin.

This posting from our database should also help:

I hope this helps,


Bob replied:


Absolutely not.

It is good to carry and wear sacramentals, and they are not targets for the diabolical, but rather more protection. The demons would prefer it if we didn't wear crosses, medals and scapulars; that would make their job easier.

Wearing and carrying sacred things is basically saying to the devil, Hands off, this one belongs to Me. We are in a war and we need to claim territory, that is why we:

  • have processions
  • erect statues around our homes, and
  • bring our King, Lord Jesus Christ into the public sphere.

The kingdom of satan is always trying to claim back space so it can conquer souls; let's take the fight back and put on the armor of God.


Bob Kirby

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