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Browsing Betty wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Which is worse straight porn or gay porn?
  • How do I stop?


  { Which is worse: straight porn or gay porn and how do I stop browsing this on-line stuff? }

Bob replied:


Gay porn is worse, inasmuch as it is an even greater degree of deviance, as would be child porn, bestiality, etc. All porn is absolutely evil and diabolic. Let that sink in. satan is using porn to enslave people. Realize that when you participate you are giving him power. You unknowingly serve him and his purposes. You are feeding the machinery of evil that is destroying the souls of millions. If you really want to get out, you must see how dark the evil really is and come to despise it.

Imagine some child you know and love being abused sexually by monsters —

  • Wouldn't you want to do everything you could to stop it?

That is what hangs in the balance. Either you are helping or hurting the world, and literally, someone's child is getting abused.

You must break free, and not let the mentality that everyone is doing it, or it's not that bad, settle in. This is not simply the creation of man, but a demonic enterprise, that both enslaves people in (sex trade/human-trafficking), and the poor souls who ingest this vile poison everyday.

  • First, to get out of the addiction; first recognize you are addicted.
  • Second, go to the sacrament of Confession.
  • Third, pray the Rosary everyday for deliverance; you can't do this without divine assistance.

The Blessed Mother has helped countless people break out of this snare of satan, and find purity again in their lives. With her help you can do it!! She changed my life, and while thoughts sometimes enter my head, I don't act out on them. It is like peeling back the layers of an onion, one at a time, with tears along the way. First goes the worst behaviors, then the ancillary ones, and then the internal renewal.

There are a lot of behaviors that you do that lead you down the road to porn, whether it's browsing online, hitting the wrong clicks, trashy TV, not managing stress, and the list goes on. You probably have triggers, and like Pavlov's dog when the bell is rung you desire it. You must capture your mind again and retrain it. Take hold of each thought, and when something unclean comes into it, rebuke it and tell it to go to the foot of the Cross. This is spiritual warfare on the battleground of your own mind. "Be transformed by the renewal of your mind," the Apostle Paul tells us. (Romans 12:2) So change how you entertain thoughts. When you live in prayer, bringing Christ and Mary into your conscious life as much as possible, the temptations lose their power. It takes a couple of months to really break a habit, but in time you will find it gets easier. If you struggle, fail, and fall into discouragement, there are programs online to break free, just search for breaking porn addiction. But you will need patience and perseverance to go the distance.

Every addict who tries to get clean goes through a period of self-doubt: "I can't do this." "It's too hard." That is the addiction and weakness trying to defeat you, but it is a lie. There is no addiction that cannot be defeated. You can and must succeed, your very soul is at stake, and God will give you what you need to have victory. Don't believe anything else.

I'm including you in my prayers for your freedom


Bob Kirby
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