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ConcernedThatIAmCursed Carol wrote:

Hi, guys —

I recently married my boyfriend.

He believes he has an entity or two and I truly believe I am haunted by someone or something; I have been my whole life. Also, I have Bipolar (Disorder) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Please help.


  { What advice do you have for some newlyweds who believe they may be haunted by demons? }

Bob replied:

Dear Carol,

I am sorry to hear of your troubles. To determine whether you have a problem with any real demons you need a qualified exorcist to assess that. Most of the time, demonic possession is not the real problem but, if it is not (mental/emotional) health issues, there can be demonic harassment and related troubles from which you will need protection.

I would contact your parish priest or diocese to see if you can consult with a certified exorcist to assess the situation more professionally. Keep in mind the devil's weapons are depression, obsession, oppression and finally possession. The last one is pretty uncommon but it does happen.

In most cases, the solution is to be in the state of grace. That means no serious sin on your soul, being reconciled with God and practicing a life of faith and devotion. Pray the Rosary every day, and if you aren't familiar with it — learn it! The Blessed Mother is the terror of demons and when you enlist her help, you will already be headed in the right direction.

Also, be sure not to create any pathways for demons to have access to you or your husband. That means nothing that could be occultist: horoscopes, ouija boards, tarot cards, psychics, fortune tellers, or anything of the like. Renounce it in the name of Jesus if there has been any connection to any of these things. (Get holy water and bless and destroy any items.)

If you are not Catholic, you can still pray to the Blessed Virgin for help, but you may not have as much protection.

Being a practicing Catholic and using the sacraments as weapons in spiritual warfare is your best bet; there are certain boundaries and legal codes that demons must respect so, if you are under the jurisdiction of Christ and His Church, basically the devil can't touch you. That is why you must avoid serious sin -— it is like handing a free pass to the demons.

Lastly, things like holy water, crucifixes, rosaries (to pray), scapulars, and the Holy Bible, which you should read aloud in your home, will all make evil spirits very uncomfortable in your environment.

The more godly you are, the more the ungodly can't hang around you. You want to make them hate going to your house, and prefer less resistance. One more thing:

  • What kind of music do you listen to?

There is some very ungodly music out there. Ask yourself:

  • Would you be comfortable with Jesus hanging out while your music is on?
  • Which one, Jesus or a demon, would be comfortable with the music that plays in your home?

If it is Jesus, you are all set. If the demons would like it, change it.

It has to be something they wouldn't like. The same is true with other forms of entertainment. You have to think about who you want to host in your home and what makes them comfortable.

With respect to your own mental health, know that the struggles you have lived with may or may not be related to external influence. That is for a good therapist and conversely spiritual counselor or exorcist to determine. Don't assume the worst without getting some confirmation from someone else who is an expert.

Remember you are in charge of your decisions and not even demons can touch your soul. Even when a demon possesses someone, they only have control over the body, not the soul, so put your life in Christ's Hands for He is stronger than every adversary.


Bob Kirby

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