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Anonymous Kay wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Do souls in Purgatory have guardian angels?

Anonymous Kay

  { Do souls in Purgatory have guardian angels? }

Bob replied:


Thanks for the question.

It is not explicitly stated whether our angels continue their role for us after we pass from this life (cf. Matthew 18:10), but if I had to guess, I would say yes, at least until we are safe in Heaven.

Purgatory is a state of purification and expiation for our sins and imperfections in this life, and while it is only for those who are destined to Heaven, it is nonetheless outside of Heaven and perhaps their presence insures our safety therein and for the duration.

This is an interesting thought to ponder anyhow.


Bob Kirby

Mike and Brian replied:

Dear Kay,

I have another good friend, Brian Bagley, who has a great devotion for the Holy Souls. I wanted to touch base with him first.

Let me preface my answer by saying that there is no doctrinal teaching from the Church on the answer to your question. The question and answer fall into the category of theological opinion, not doctrine or dogma. That said, here is my two cents.

First, let's re-state what the Church teaches on Purgatory. The Holy Souls in Purgatory are saved but are in the process of total purification so they will mirror the One True God, consubstantial with the Father, Jesus Christ. [Purgatory has nothing to do with salvation but rather personal holiness. (Revelation 21:27)]

The best way to think of Purgatory is as the Holy Hospital of Heaven. Check out this page for a good analogy:

You said:

  • Do souls in Purgatory have guardian angels?

Yes, the Holy Souls in Purgatory have the same guardian angel they had when they were on their Earthly pilgrimage. The guardian angels stay with their Holy Souls and also have communication with them. They also give comfort to them and, even when they are in Heaven, it's not like they're ready for reassignment to another guy or gal. No, their guardian angel stays with that person, even in Heaven. You're always going to have that guardian angel. In the same way, your fingerprint is unique to you, so is your guardian angel.

If you have a devotion to the Holy Souls and are interested in starting a regular Purgatory prayer program for the forgotten Holy Souls, check out my other website:

I hope this answers your question.


Kay replied:

Hi guys,

Sorry about that. Your knowledge base satisfactorily answered my question. Sorry I didn't see it at first.

I also found the following information on your website:

. . . from a 1923 book by Right Rev. PW Keppler D.D. called:

The Poor Souls in Purgatory, A Homiletic Treatise

"They can, moreover, gain knowledge from the Saints, with whom they converse, from their Guardian Angels, and from new arrivals in Purgatory. That the angels have access to Purgatory may be assumed as certain. It is inconceivable that they should no longer be solicitous about their proteges, or that Purgatory should be closed against them."

Thank you.

Kay Libby

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