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Jomar Panzo wrote:

Hi, guys —

  1. Did God create the Universe, or is God the Universe itself?
  2. Explain why God is Real?

Please answer this so that I can evangelize some people that are losing their faith in God.


Jomar Panzo

  { Did God create the Universe, or is God the Universe itself, and explain why God is real? }

Bob replied:

Dear Jomar,

Check out these websites, which focus on the very subject you are asking about. There is so much information there you will be blown away.

Science, reason, evidence; it is all there.

Here is a video to explain their ministry as well as a fund raiser/(donation request) at the end for their website and related training resources:


Bob Kirby

Paul replied:


Do check out those websites Bob requested. In the meantime here's some quick answers:

  1. God is not the universe. That is something called pantheism. The material universe is finite, limited, and dependent on a Creator. All created things have a cause (beginning) and a purpose (end). For the universe to exist it must have been created by a first, uncaused Cause. That Cause is God, who is necessarily different from His dependent creation.

  2. All real created things are caused by, and measured by, Perfection. We call things on Earth true, good, and beautiful, but without the perfections of these qualities as a measuring stick, they'd be meaningless. God is infinite and eternal truth, goodness, and beauty.
    Not only is He real, but God is Reality itself. All things measure their degree of reality in comparison to Him by participating in being; whereas God is Being itself.



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