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Vasectomy-ed Victor wrote:

Hi, guys —

Before practicing my Catholic faith, I had a vasectomy done. When I became Catholic, I learned that having a vasectomy was a sin and I confessed the sin once I realized it.

Recently, I learned that man's orgasm is always tied to his fertility so, since it's the male orgasm that's inherently linked with the possibility of new life, the husband must never intentionally ejaculate outside the conjugal embrace. That said:

  • For a male who is not fertile anymore due to a vasectomy, can he ejaculate outside the conjugal embrace he has with his wife?

This is the website where I found this information:

  • [Website hidden.]


  { If I have had a vasectomy, can a husband ejaculate outside the conjugal embrace with my wife? }

Bob replied:

Dear friend,

Thanks for the question.

The fact that you had a vasectomy is unfortunate (in many cases it is reversible, as a friend of mine did), but it does not change the fundamentals with respect to the sexual act. To seek to ejaculate outside of intercourse is still sodomy, whether one is fertile or not. If genital sterilization did change the rules, then it would become a license for sex any which way.

  • What would prevent many from undertaking these procedures as a pretext for that license?

What you should consider is the possibility of restoring your body to the state God made it. If you were able to reverse this, I think your life would be blessed in ways truly beyond your imagination.

I have seen it happen for others, and it demonstrates God honors those who truly make an effort.


Bob Kirby

Victor replied:

Hi Bob,

Thanks for helping with your answer.

It helps me better understand this situation. I do have a follow up question. You mentioned that if I were to reverse the vasectomy, God would bless my life in ways beyond my imagination.

  • Does that mean God would not bless me as much because I had a vasectomy, even though I already confessed the sin?

I am working in becoming more grateful to God everyday, however, I feel He has already blessed me way, way more than I deserve.

Thanks for helping clarify this.

Best regards,


Bob replied:

Dear Victor,

You are undoubtedly blessed or you wouldn't even be considering these matters so thoughtfully, so I don't think (or meant to imply) your repentance was insufficient.

I am only suggesting that God never fails to reward heroic actions, and going the next mile would certainly qualify. It is not always possible, so I can't speak to your situation.

  • Just pray on it
  • Talk with your doctor, and
  • See where it leads.

God bless,

Bob Kirby

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