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Giampaolo Mirandola wrote:

Hi guys,

I am currently struggling with a job problem and putting a lot of effort into praying about this.

  • How can these prayers be really effective?
  • I know, of course, that God is not a selling machine where we put our prayers in and we have our desires fulfilled, but, how do I get God to answer these prayers and help me?



  { How can my prayers for my job problem be effective; how do I get God to answer these prayers? }

Mike replied:


You said:
. . . how do I get God to answer these prayers and help me?

By accepting the choices He has laid out for you and choosing what you think is best in accordance with your vocation, calling, and salvation.

One must discern whether this is really a job problem or a lack of trust in Divine Providence.

Now sometimes, patience is needed on our side, after all, He has to respect the free-will choices others make, which may affect your life or (set of choices).

Maybe God is saying in a non-audible way:

Giampaolo, I know what you want and I agree with your desires but I have something better if you just wait a bit more.

My colleagues may have other advice or opinions.

That's just my two cents.

I hope this helps,


Giampaolo replied:

Thank you Mike for the detailed answer.

One doubt that arises from me is being patient about a future in which something better should arise.

For sure, if I think about my past spiritually, there has been a huge improvement for me, often without action from my side (so called God's Grace) but if I think to the material condition especially the job, during the years there has been a continuous fall towards worse conditions and I don't see how God could intervene in this sector. Nevertheless, I continue to pray about it.

If you or your colleagues have something to add, go right ahead.



Bob replied:

Dear Giampaolo,

Thanks for the question.

You can't force God to answer the prayers the way you want, however, if your intention is for your own good, and perhaps others, He will likely say yes.

To help that happen sooner than later, pray fervently everyday and say a Novena—a nine day prayer that is for a specific intention. Like the Apostles who were told to wait for the Holy Spirit at Pentecost — they prayed for nine days before they saw the Holy Spirit come.

Here is one Novena source I found on the web:


Bob Kirby

Giampaolo replied:


Thank you very much for your answer: I will do as you suggested.



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