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Anonymous Steve wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am almost 79 and sometimes just don't feel like going to Mass.

I am not sick.

  • At my age, is it a mortal sin to stay home if I don't feel like going to Sunday Mass?


  { At my age, is it a mortal sin to stay home if I don't feel like going to Sunday Mass? }

Mike replied:

Dear Steve,

Let me answer your question with a question from a younger Anonymous Steve.

  • If you were a working man in your 30's and just didn't feel like going to work, though you were not sick, is it OK to stay home and expect that you would still be able to hold on to your job, get paid for it, and receive the blessings of working on a regular basis?

No, I'm not equating the secular life with the spiritual life but just making a point.

  • If the spiritual life is far more important than the secular life, shouldn't we ensure our spiritual life and Covenant with the Lord is always in good health, especially at our older ages, where we may be very close to our Particular Judgment?

If you are in good health and able to renew your Covenant with the Lord at Sunday Mass, you should go.

Unless there are health or weather reasons that make it impossible to get to Mass, it is a mortal sin to miss Sunday Mass.

A mortal sin requires:

  1. knowledge of what you are doing.
  2. knowledge that it is grievously wrong.
    (missing Mass is grievously wrong), and
  3. full consent of the will.

Going to Sunday Mass and renewing our Catholic Christian Covenant is important because it helps us see things and issues in the news with Catholic Christian eyes and a Catholic mind set.

When we don't renew our Covenant, we start to think like the world thinks.

  • Could that be why we hear of so many tragedies in the news?

Below is a link to a page with answers to related questions people have asked in our database:

I hope this helps,


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