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George Malchow wrote:

Hi, guys —

My wife and I have not got along for years and were not intimate. I have been getting thoughts from the past with other women. Satan attacks me every day. Recently, I went on a web site looking for women wanting men; they were shown from the neck up. I quickly got off and told myself I am 70 years old, enough.

I talked to a priest, and he told me every night before bed to say the Chaplet of St. Michael (Chaplet itself). I have also said an Act of Contrition.

  • Do I need to go to Confession?


  { Seeing that I have talked with a priest about these sexual thoughts and have taken his advice, do I still need to go to Confession? }

Mike replied:

Dear George,

If you have a priest or pastor who is faithful to the Church to give you good advice and it sounds like you do, go with what he recommends.

In addition, we should always be going to Confession on a regular basis. Since it appears that you already have a faithful Confessor, you should go to him, when possible. The United States Bishops recommend going at least once a month.  Pope St. John Paul II went weekly although I'm guessing he was never scrupulous about it.

Although in Confession, the priest absolves us of our sins, healing, like when a doctor removes a bullet from a soldier, still has to happen over time.

This posting explains my point:

Until we are buried in the ground, satan will always be attacking us. That's nothing new. Our actions and words must be in line with crushing satan in our lives and ignoring thoughts he plants in our minds.

I hope this helps,


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