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Posting date Questions
January 2019 How many types of indulgence are there, what steps can one do to gain one, and are they biblical?
January 2019 Based my my interpretation of James 2:10, how bad is this sin and is it equal to murder?
August 2018 Can you provide me with some insight on which of these two Bibles is the best?
August 2018 What do Catholics believe about the five Solas (Scriptura, Fide, Gratia, Christus, and Deo Gloria)?
August 2018 How does the Book of Matthew apply in my case as far as receiving a reward from man versus God?
August 2018 Why do you omit: 'For thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever. Amen' from the Bible?
August 2018 Can you explain these chapters from Genesis 4 and Genesis 6?
August 2018 How do I reply to a Facebook posting that implies the only thing we need for salvation is the Bible?
August 2018 In lieu of what the Bible says, what happens to the millions that never received God's Word?
April 2018 How do we know the events of the Bible are not just tales but actually happened and are history?
April 2018 Can you help me understand these Scripture passages from Daniel and Revelation?
April 2018 How can I enjoy reading the Psalms, in spite of their violent themes and negative language?
April 2018 In an effort to make Baptism null and void in this verse, is this the original Greek in Acts 2:38?
April 2018 Can you answer some questions on the interpretation of Leviticus 18:22 and its translation?
January 2018 Can you answer these questions from the three parables found in St. Luke's Gospel, Chapter 15?
January 2018 What is the New Testament about?
January 2018 Referring to Matthew 2:23, where in the prophets is it written that Jesus shall be called a Nazarene?
January 2018 Where are we biblically told to have priests, where are the qualifications, and who are overseers?
January 2018 Is it okay for a Catholic to use or read a Protestant Bible?
January 2018 Since Paul Bible says this, shouldn't we go back to the order of Paul and do all of what Paul did?
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