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Posting date Questions
August 2020 Why did God want to destroy the world if the Father's Plan was to send His Son to save humanity?
August 2020 Can you reconcile these Scripture passages in John with the Catholic teaching on the Eucharist?
April 2020 If this saying from Jesus wasn't from the Gospel, can you tell me where I read this from?
January 2020 Can you help me find the Scriptural reference for ' the Church being our Mother ' ?
January 2020 Why did satan want Moses' body and why is it said in 'Conversations with God', Hitler is in Heaven?
January 2020 Why did God exclude other nations in the Old Testament; didn't He love everyone back then too?
August 2019 What translations are they referring to when talking about the absence of Acts 8:37 in the Bible?
August 2019 If Jesus is the Almighty God then how do I interpret these Scripture passages?
August 2019 How can John 6 be used as evidence for transubstantiation if Its Institution hadn't yet occurred?
April 2019 Should I share these passages with my addiction group though they seem to contradict each other?
April 2019 What the heck does Bible mean when it refers to an 'Anti-Christ' and is this taught in Catholicism?
April 2019 Is there a Protestant way (reading each book in order) and a Catholic way to read the Bible?
April 2019 What would be a good Study Bible, recognized by the Church, for someone new to Catholicism?
January 2019 Where does the Bible say only 144,000 souls shall enter Heaven and what about the other souls?
January 2019 If I wasn't misinformed in Catholic school, why did this view of the Bible change from the 60s era?
January 2019 Are there some historical traditions that are acceptable for Catholics to consider in the Talmud?
January 2019 Can you answer some questions on pilgrimages, Isaiah 17:1, and what happens when Jesus returns?
January 2019 How many types of indulgence are there, what steps can one do to gain one, and are they biblical?
January 2019 Based my my interpretation of James 2:10, how bad is this sin and is it equal to murder?
August 2018 Can you provide me with some insight on which of these two Bibles is the best?
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