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Posting date Questions
April 2010 What obligation does a candidate for an order have and have I sinned if I'm not faithful to the call?
April 2010 Are Anglican Orders invalid if Apostolicae Curae is not infallible and are their sins forgiven?
January 2010 If a Catholic gets an annulment for his marriage what's stopping him from being ordained a priest?
January 2010 Can you address the Apostle's marital status and when the Church decided on celibate priests?
January 2010 Does a priest study the whole Bible in seminary?
January 2010 Who was the Pope that abolished priests from marrying and what year did this occur?
January 2010 Can an Anglican minister validly hear his Confession and really absolve him of his sins?
September 2009 Do all priests need at least a Bachelors degree?
September 2009 When a priest leaves the Catholic Church can he be legally married?
September 2009 Can a lay person take the place of a priest at the cemetery and can she bless the ground?
September 2009 Who do priests confess to, what does INRI mean, what about this sexual sin and the atmosphere?
May 2009 Why does Rome recognize Orthodox holy orders as legitimate but deny Anglican orders as valid?
May 2009 Are their special exceptions where married men with families can become Catholic priests?
February 2009 Does the Church ordain married men with the understanding that they cannot re-marry?
February 2009 If someone is married can they become a Catholic priest, and if so, are family relationships OK?
July 2008 As a young man, if I am receiving a call to the Catholic priesthood, how should I proceed?
July 2008 Was Mary assumed alive into Heaven or did she first die and can a
non-Catholic be an Oblate?
July 2008 Can you please explain how Episcopal clergymen can become Catholic priests?
November 2007 Do you have any advice or suggestions for a 17-year-old thinking about becoming a priest?
November 2007 Why does the Church accept the Baptisms of Protestant preachers but not their ordination?
November 2007 Why would a faith so devoted to the family life, not allow priests to marry?
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