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Posting date Questions
January 2022 Is it a sin to hear cursing or blasphemy in a movie; also, how can this be avoided or should it be?
January 2022 Can I use a Tibetan singing bowl to meditate on the Lord?
January 2022 Does the Church support religious freedom and should Luther and other heretics be executed?
January 2022 Why is dueling immoral; the Church's stance makes me doubt all of Christianity?
January 2022 Is it a sin to watch Squid Game or any other action and violent movie?
January 2022 What can I do about my wife's constant swearing which our daughter has picked up as a habit?
January 2022 Is everyone who gets the vaccine shot being condemned to Hell?
January 2022 Is logging (or hacking) into a person's online account a venial or mortal sin?
January 2022 What is the Church's teaching on the use of crystals and would it be acceptable to put these crystal balls on display?
January 2022 Can a person bless bees wax candles and what prayer(s) are used, (or can only a priest do this)?
January 2022 How do you refute a claim by proponents of the Death Penalty based on this passage in Matthew?
January 2022 Is it moral to try Ayurvedic Medicine even if I don't accept the religious teachings?
January 2022 Is a religious priest (not a diocesan priest) allowed to keep gold jewelry?
January 2022 Does Simon of Cyrene in Matthew 27:32 have any level of veneration within the Catholic Church?
August 2021 What's your view on these practices and how do I fight temptation and know I'm getting holier?
August 2021 Is it OK for me to dissect worms or mice for research according to the Bible and Catholic tradition?
August 2021 Can we be a part of God's pruning hand by stopping all monetary offerings to the Catholic Church?
August 2021 Since we know vaccines are connected to abortions, are we enablers of abortion by participation?
August 2021 Is reading erotic stuff a mortal sin and did I commit another one by receiving without confessing?
April 2021 Since I can't find work and am physically handicapped can I sincerely pray for a financial miracle?
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