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Mark Fera wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Are the Freemasons an anti-Catholic, Protestant group founded in the 17th century after the Protestant revolt, which claims to have roots dating back to Solomon's temple?
  • If not, are Catholics free to join the Masons?
  • If we are not free to become a member, what exactly are the doctrines or beliefs they profess which are in opposition to Roman Catholic doctrine?

Thank you,


  { Are the Freemasons an anti-Catholic Protestant group and where do their beliefs oppose ours? }

John replied:


Thanks for your question.

The Masons are not a Protestant sect that came about as a result of the Reformation.

They trace their origins to Medieval Monks who were also Knights. The group went into schism and claimed to have secret knowledge about God. In other words, it was nothing more than a rehash of the Gnostic heresy that plagued the Church in the early centuries.

Masons try to incorporate elements of:

  • Christianity
  • Judaism, and
  • Islam

into their rituals. Although they are religious, and they require faith in God to be member, you really can't call Masonry a religion of it's own.

For many members, especially those at the lower levels, it's just a social lodge. To their credit, Masons are also known for works of charity within the community. At the same time, they profess high ethical standards with an emphasis on the brotherhood of man.

That said, as one climbs the Masonic ladder, one gets polluted by heresy.

Their beliefs seek to reconcile all world religions based on this secret knowledge they claim to have, hence, they are not only heretical by Catholic standards, they are heretical by Protestant, Jewish, and Islamic standards. Though the motivation of some such Mason's may seem honorable and sincere, they are sincerely wrong.

Therefore, Masonry is not an acceptable practice for a Catholic to get involved in. It would be much better for you to join a Catholic fraternal organization, such as the Knights of Columbus.


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