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Anonymous wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a female Catholic and my husband was just inducted as an apprentice in the Freemasons.

  • How do I stand with the Catholic Church because of this?

I am dedicated to my faith and I'm wondering where do we go from here if he continues to be a member:

  • Divorce?
  • Annulment?

Please help me and thank you,


  { What does a faithful Catholic spouse do when her husband has joined the Freemasons? }

John replied:

Dear Anonymous —

Thank you for your question.

The good news is that your standing as a Catholic is up to you. There is nothing your husband, children, siblings, or parents can do to change that. You didn't join the Free Masons; he did.

As for your marriage, this certainly doesn't have to mean divorce. First of all, many men join the Masons for either business reasons or for social reasons so there is a good possibility your husband has no idea what he got himself into. Hence, for your part, you should continue to be
a loving wife. On your own, start reading up on the Freemasons and educate your self. Then allow the Holy Spirit to guide you and slowly drop some hints to your husband, unless, of course,
you think the direct approach would work with him. You also need to consider how much your husband knows about his (Christian|Catholic) faith (assuming he believes in either). Much of the information may not mean anything to him if he's not rooted in his own faith.

The important thing is not to get discouraged. This could take years and you might not be the person that leads him away from this heretical organization. Nevertheless, remember, marriage is a sacrament which is meant to sanctify the lives of both husband and wife. All that you go through together in this life is meant to help you get closer to God. Hence, with the sacrament, comes grace and power so you won't be doing this on your own. In fact, God will do this for you if you'll let Him. The only thing God won't do is interfere with anyone's free will so if your husband is bent on being a Mason forever, God will let him. Fortunately, your husband has a loving wife who cares about her faith as well as his.

God will be faithful and help you resolve this in His time.


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