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Kristen Garner wrote:

Hi, guys —

I have some questions.

As a infant I was baptized into the Catholic faith and as I got older I received my First Communion at age seven. I was given the name: Saint Uriel. My mother was killed when I was seven which resulted in me pulling away from the faith.

I am now 23. The church that I was accepted in burnt down and all the records where lost. The parish church also no longer exists.

  • Do I have to have proof from the Church I was baptized in to be accepted at another Catholic Church?
  • Can I receive Holy Communion if I start going to Mass?
  • What information is there on Saint Uriel and why was this name given to me?
  • Is she a normal Saint that is given to Catholics?

I don't remember much of the teachings before my First Communion and I don't remember how to go to Confession.

  • Will a priest be disappointed in me?

Sorry for all the questions.



  { Do I need proof to return, since the parish burnt down and records were lost and who's Saint Uriel? }

Bob replied:


I'm very sorry about your mom, (my dad died when I was small as well), and your disconnection from the Faith of your roots.

Any priest would be happy to assist you with the Sacrament of Penance, and you should inquire about RCIAa program of religious education for adults to enter and complete initiation (such as Confirmation).

It is fantastic that you are open to how God is leading you. I'm sure if your mom was a woman of faith, she may have had something to do with the name, Saint Uriel, that you were given at Baptism. We believe in the Communion of Saints, that is, the family of God, which includes our family members that have passed on to Eternal Life with God and who, with God, can intercede on our behalf, really rooting for us and praying for us to be where they are when our Earthly life is over.

As far as your records go, you can also check with the diocese to see if any records are there, and even in cases where nothing is found or certain they can create new records with a provisional baptism (which is sometimes used in cases like yours—because you are only baptized once it is only provisional).

In any case, meet with a priest and explain your situation and he can walk you through everything.

God bless you,

Bob Kirby

Mike replied:

Dear Kristen,

I searched our database and did some research on St. Uriel and found the following.

These resources may be helpful as well:

On New Advent under Angels I also found this:

  • Angels —Under Hierarchical organization (at the very end.)

St. Thomas (Summa Theologica I:108), following St. Denis (De Coelesti Hierarchia, vi, vii), divides the angels into three hierarchies each of which contains three orders. Their proximity to the Supreme Being serves as the basis of this division.

In the first hierarchy he places the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones; in the second, the Dominations, Virtues, and Powers; in the third, the Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. The only Scriptural names furnished of individual angels are Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel, names which signify their respective attributes.

Apocryphal Jewish books, such as the Book of Enoch, supply those of Uriel and Jeremiel, while many are found in other apocryphal sources, like those Milton names in Paradise Lost.

I also read another posting from the EWTN website:

Posting title: The archangel Uriel
Question from Ben on February 3, 2004:

Dear Father Echert,

Thank you for taking my question. A couple of times recently on EWTN forums I have read that the archangel Uriel is mentioned in Sacred Scripture. I thought that the only angels mentioned by name in the Bible were Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.

  • Is Uriel mentioned in the Bible?
  • If so, where?

Thanks again, Father. This forum is very helpful, keep up the good work.

— Ben

Answer by Fr. John Echert on February 3, 2004:


The name Uriel appears in the Bible [1 Chronicles 6:24, 1 Chronicles 15:5, 1 Chronicles 15:11 and 2 Chronicles 13:2], though not as an angel, but he is mentioned as an angel in popular apocryphal writings, including Enoch and 2 Esdras, including 2 Esdras 4:1-4, 1 Enoch 20:2, and 1 Enoch 75:7.

1 Then the angel that had been sent to me, whose name was Uriel, answered 2 and said to me, “Your understanding has utterly failed regarding this world, and do you think you can comprehend the way of the Most High?” 3 Then I said, “Yes, my lord.” And he replied to me, “I have been sent to show you three ways, and to put before you three problems. 4 If you can solve one of them for me, then I will show you the way you desire to see, and will teach you why the heart is evil.”

(2 Esdras 4:1-4)

2 Uriel, one of the holy angels, he it is who is over clamor and terror.

(1 Enoch 20:2)

7 And the days, Uriel shewed me; the angel whom the Lord of glory appointed over all the luminaries.

(1 Enoch 75:7)

Finally, I found this YouTube video which directly answers your question:

A look into Uriel, a 'forgotten' archangel - November 28, 2011


I hope this helps,


Kristen replied:

Dear Bob and Mike,

Thank you so much for this information!

It helped out a lot.

I am excited to have her as my saint.


Mike replied:

Hi, Kristen —

No problem. I'm glad we could help.


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