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Posting date Questions
April 2018 When we pray, is thinking about a specific image of Jesus, image worship?
January 2018 Does the Church endorse St Gertrude's prayer which results in the release of 1,000 Holy Souls?
January 2018 How does someone thank Padre Pio for these healing intercessions?
January 2018 Are Queen Mary I of England and Queen Isabella of Spain saints of the Church?
January 2017 If the Church canonizes those living before Christ, who in the Old Testament would She canonize?
August 2016 Can you explain to me the reason for the cessation of veneration of St. Simon Of Trent?
January 2016 Can you help me find more information on my patron saint, Saint Gretchen?
August 2015 Are there any traditions related to Mary as a Mother to the Dead and are there ties to St. Francis?
August 2014 Why do people go to Purgatory when the thief didn't and doesn't Saul disprove praying to saints?
April 2014 Do you know of a saint I can pray to who struggled with impurity not including those saints?
January 2014 When did St. Amandus or any Saint, for that matter, become a Saint?
August 2013 How are we to appreciate the earlier saint's pre-scientific, unrealistic view of the world?
April 2013 Why do you pray to idols and not just to Jesus?
January 2013 Can you explain the symbolism of St. Rita holding a skull?
January 2013 What is the designation and properties of an item that was blessed at Mass by a saint?
August 2012 Who is Dismas and why is he considered a saint?
August 2012 Is there really a St. Dalfour? And how do you find the official list of saints in the Church?
April 2012 How do I explain the purpose of shrines to saints to my brother and is worshipping Jesus OK?
April 2012 Can you answer some questions on why we pray to the saints instead of directly to God?
April 2012 Is there a good saint named Julian that I can encourage my grandchild to adopt?
January 2012 Are promises made to Saints considered vows and, if so, shouldn't there be a bishop's dispensation?
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